We Love: Confiserie Jonas’ Cocoa Candy

What do you do if you don’t find a suitable vegan alternative to what you like to eat? Then you just make it yourself! That’s what Jonas did and that’s how the story of Confiserie Jonas came into being. Read the full story in this article.

I couldn’t find a dairy-free alternative. So I create it myself

Confiserie Jonas brings a long awaited vegan, sustainable and local alternative of chocolate on the market, that is also dairy-free. Because the term chocolate may not officially be used, he calls his delicacies confectionery with cocoa, or cocoa candy. 

Dairy-free and sustainable products

Jonas experimented with cacoa beans to understand the complete process of chocolate making and creates tablets, pralines, (hazelnut) spreads and figurines. But there’s a twist: all of his creations are dairy-free and perfect for people who are lactose-intolerant. According to Jonas, a complete plant-based diet only has advantages, especially if you are smart with it and take the right vitamin supplements and keep a good Omega 3 level (also found in algae and seeds).

Because he couldn’t find a suitable (vegan) substitute for white chocolate, he started first with the creation of what he calls the ‘creamy white’. Which is his plantbased alternative for white chocolate. Later he added the ‘creamy classic’. That is his answer to the most sold chocolate version worldwide, the milk chocolate. It is a look-a-like and tastes almost similar, but involves no dairy at all. 

Besides the cocoa candy, Jonas also makes sustainable real dark chocolate. Because dark chocolate does not involve dairy, this  specialty dark chocolate is the perfect addition to his product range. The base of the chocolat is premium cocoa sourced from sustainable cocoa farms in Peru or Ecuador. Here the climatic conditions in combination with a controlled cocoa harvesting, fermentation protocol and a carefully supply chain result in distinctive and unique flavour profiles. 

Get creative yourself

Next year Jonas hopes to introduce a big range of “chocolate” pearls that you can work with at home or in your very own atelier. Just like you can buy melted chocolate at the wholesaler or in the supermarket, you can then start experimenting and making cakes at home. The pearls will be available in kilos perfect for anyone who is a frequent baker or someone who gives delicious workshops. 

Jonas needs your help

Some time ago Jonas reopened his new chocolate workshop after an unfortunate incident in 2017. Then he saw his dream and studio literally go up in smoke. Since the fire in 2017 he has worked hard to invest in new machines and to rebuild his studio.

Yet he can still use a little push. In the form of perhaps the most delicious crowdfunding ever, you can order chocolates, pralines and tablets and support his project. More info about his crowd funding can be found via this link.

Confiserie Jonas will also be present at the late night shopping event during the Belgian Creator’s Day in Balthasar Brussels on 6 August. During the evening you can buy his cocoa candy and also place orders for private parties, Saint Nicholas and Christmas.

This article has been written by @ANGELO VERO

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