We Love: Colorful Fits To Get Rid of Winter Blues

Credits: Maxime Thys

The winter blues are upon us and they are a blow on our mental well-being. The days are short, dark and gray and that reflects on our mood. Here’s an uplifting article that will help you fight the winter blues in no time. Because thanks to the sweaters by Maxime Thys, you transform any outfit into a personal, playful and colorful one!

Yes, it’s winter. Yes, it’s cold. But let’s not forget that winter is also beautiful. All those cosy moments and activities shared with the people we love do make up for the cold weather. And what if you can just top it off with an outfit that makes you happy instead of gloomy? Because a healthy dose of color works wonders, and that’s what the next fits are all about: 

1. A Thing of Jeans

Wearing color can be intimidating. The first step is always the hardest one so let’s start it off simple. Everyone has a favorite pair of jeans in their closet, let’s take those as the base of your colorful outfit. Next, choose a sweatshirt or t-shirt with a fun print and repeat the colors of that print in the jacket and accessories.

2. Pop that Color

Working with color accents is another simple yet fun way to add color to your day. Choose a white or black base and play with 2-3 color accents to bring it all to life.

3. Play and Match

Choose a color palette of colors that are close in the color wheel (for example colors such as blue, purple and green) Don’t be afraid to experiment. A combination that seems to be a mismatch at first glance can end up giving a unique result! Do this a few times and before you know it you will have an incredible feel for mixing colors.

4. Ton sur ton

Pick a color that makes you really happy. Then go ahead and select a few more pieces in different variations of that color. Combine everything together for a uniform look.

5. Double the Texture

You can go one step further than just adding color to your outfits. By playing with textures, you create a layered outfit where, the longer you look at it, the more there is to discover. Think fluffy jackets, faux leather, knit sweaters, velour… the possibilities are endless.

6. Go Legally blonde

Totally on board with the colorful outfits? Then the bonus is a real legally blonde moment! No winter dip can withstand an explosion of pink tones.

We hope these fits have inspired you to start adding color to your winter wardrobe yourself! Because honestly, what a serotonin boost, all those colors, right? And you won’t just make yourself happier, everyone who crosses your path will undoubtedly see the day more bright and shiny. Discover all of Maxim’s Quickly visit Maxime Thys‘ webshop to buy your favorite sweatshirt!

This article has been written in collaboration with Maxime Thys

2 responses to “We Love: Colorful Fits To Get Rid of Winter Blues

  1. I’m an absolute great fan of Maxime. She is a great girl! I’m addicted to her collections. She overwhelms me every time. You go, girl! <3

    1. Hi Ellen, so nice to see how you support her! We truly love her work and her skills. Have a lovely weekend!

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