We love: Calvin Klein Pride Collection #PROUDINMYCALVINS

Credits: Calvin Klein

No Pride this year. At least no Pride like we are used to with fantastic colorful parades and live performances in many big cities all over the world. Calvin Klein has been supporting the LGBTQI+ community for years and that’s no different this year. Discover the new capsule collection #Proudinmycalvins.

Pride Month remembers long years of campaigning for civil rights and the ongoing pursuit of equal rights as well as the achievements of LGBTQ people. But why is the Pride Month traditionally held in June?

In order to better understand this story, we go back some fifty years in time. To 28 June 1969 to be precise. Early in the morning, police raid the Stonewall Inn. This popular gathering place for young gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals had continuously been the victim of police harassment in the past. While previous witnesses of police harassment of members of the LGBTQ community watched passively, the bar clients decided that enough was enough. They decided not to be done anymore and stood their ground. The riots got so much worse that the police barricaded themselves into the bar to wait for reinforcements. Meanwhile, some 400 people had gathered to make a stand.

Stonewall soon became a symbol of resistance to discrimination (both social and political). It would inspire solidarity among homosexual groups for decades. The Stonewall riots served as a catalyst for a new generation of political activism.

Not everywhere in the world the Pride festivities take place at the same time. In Belgian Pride usually takes place in August. 

“CALVIN KLEIN is proud to support OutRight Action International in their mission for LGBTQ+ Equality and in launching their COVID-19 LGBTQ+ Global Emergency Fund.”


Just like last year, Calvin Klein brings the fight for LGBTQI+ battle for equality to the attention. With classic styles rebooted for Pride, this collection includes everything you need to create the ultimate Pride/Proud outfit. 

Shop the Calvin Klein pride collection through Asos.com

The collection includes T-shirts and hoodies, available in black and white with colourful prints. There are also accessories such as belt bags, bucket hats, caps, belts and so on.

Shop the Calvin Klein pride collection through Asos.com

Welcome back Mr. Jockstrap

Jockstraps (picture bottom left) are no longer news within the gay community. The ‘open briefs’ have been proudly worn for years because of the sexy side it hides under a cool pair of jeans or pants. Since last year’s Pride collection you can find jockstraps in all colours of the rainbow. This year they have been upgraded and are even more comfortable to wear, thanks to their unique cut. By the way, jockstraps are not only available for gays, in the sports world jockstraps have been worn for a long time. They protect the business, but keep the buttocks free.

The Pride collection also includes colourful boxer shorts and socks with the typical rainbow flag.

Shop the Calvin Klein pride collection through Asos.com

Queer role models

LGBTQI+ role models such as Brazilian drag queen, singer and songwriter Pabllo Vittar (photo below), top model Reece King and pop singer Gia Woods shine in the campaign.

“Today I can be whoever I want to be” – Pabblo Vittar

Whether we’re celebrating Pride Month from behind our smartphone, via a live stream in the living room or in the garden with a cocktail. One thing is certain: Pride Month will be celebrated. And thanks to Calvin Klein, we’ll do it in style and with lots of colour. My order is already on its way! What about you?

This article has been written by @ANGELO VERO

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