We Love: 3 Quick and Easy DIY Knitted Gifts

Credits: Secret Knitters

Are you a fan of crafting and do you want to give your loved ones something special and personal this Christmas? How about you knit something yourself? Here are some quick and easy projects anyone (even with two left hands) can make.

What do you need?

In general all you need is yarn, a pair of knitting needles and a wool needle to sew everything together. Choosing the right yarn is extremely important to make your journey fast and pleasant. To start always chose a yarn that doesn’t stick together. You might need to try again a few times and you want your yarn to keep its chape. It’s also important to pick the right needle size. Every yarn uses its own size. You can find it on your yarn label.

#1 Scarf

The easiest one to make is a scarf, but this also might take the most time. So you want to use a thick yarn. Like wool addicts fire, for this one you need a 10 mm needle size, which makes it really fast to knit. Cast on about 15 to 20 stitches depending on your your yarn tension and just keep on doing knit stitches al the way through. Keep on doing this until you have the length you want it to be and cast of all the stitches. Work in your ends and your gift is ready.

#2 Headband

A headband is actually a really small scarf. For this you might want to use a slightly thinner yarn like wool addicts glory. Cast on about 20 stitches and start knitting in a stitch you like. You can keep on doing a knit stitch like the scarf or you can keep on repeating a full needle of knit and purl stitches. If you’re a more advanced knitter you can even use cables or more difficult stitch combinations.

#3 Beanie

A beanie is one of Jolien’s personal favorites. For this design you will need a different kind of needle. Most people know the typical straight needles your grandmother gifted you. But to knit a beanie you need a circular needle. For a beanie you can use both thick or thin yarn. 

You start casting on a number of stitches on one side of the circular needle until you have the desired amount. Distribute your stitches over the full length of the needle and take the side with you working yarn in your right hand. Start knitting into the stitches on the left side and keep on knitting circles until your beanie has the right length. Take your sewing needle an pull your working yarn through al the remaining stitches. Take al the stitches of your needle and pull them tight. Secure your yarn so the stitches remain tight and work away the ends. 

New to knitting? Or you want a full pattern or kit to make your own Christmas gifts? Go check out all designs on the website of Secret Knitters! They also have an amazing Advent Calendar available until November 26th.

This article has been written in collaboration with Secret Knitters

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