Unique stories deserve a unique location

Credits: Bleyckhof

Every unique story, deserves a unique location…and so I ended up at the enchanting Bleyckhof domain. From the first step on this private domain in Oelegem, a stone’s throw from Antwerp, my gut feeling told me ’this picture fits perfectly’ for our Time2Reconnect experience weekends. This environment radiates such tranquility and purity. I immediately knew that here, in the middle of nature, we could create our experience in an authentic way, completely covid safe in a breathtaking outdoor environment.

Inspired by Nature

Bleyckhof is a unique private nature reserve. You stay here with a view of the fields and the forest and if the weather is not so good, which is of course no surprise in Belgium, you can still enjoy the full outdoor experience safely under a large tent. In every season this remains an extraordinary place. The environment ensures that you can completely disconnect, relax, and reconnect with yourself.

Credits: Bleyckhof

Inspired by History

Bleyckhof was from 1748 onwards a well-known linen bleaching company in Ranst with a real community with local crafts. In that period the textile trade was at its height. Because of the clear water people came from far and wide to bleach their linen. Over the years, this craft disappeared and the bleaching plant was left behind somewhat orphaned.

Thanks to the effervescent entrepreneurial duo of Ann-Sophie and Guillaume, this beautiful piece of heritage was given a new lease of life. With artistic parents, it was only natural that the couple would transform this bleachery and the surrounding nature reserve into a pure gem. Everything is renovated, repaired or created with passion, in a sustainable way using as many natural materials as possible. 

Everything you give attention, grows.

Inspired by People

​Like me, Ann-Sophie and Guillaume love nature and people. Their goal is to bring them closer together by taking better care of each other, in a two-way direction. They remain faithful to their philosophy and are very much guided by their “gut feeling”, just like me. They only work with ambitious entrepreneurs, local suppliers and they are proud to work only with local products. An ideal location for our Time2Reconnect experiences where we focus on your personal development. Because we care for your nature. 

Credits: Bleyckhof

Inspired by Music

What all began in the parental home, while humming, became more concrete a few years later at X-Factor… The brothers Guillaume and Mathieu quickly became known and thus the troubadour-duo “Mathieu & Guillaume” was born.

Music connects people and let it be just that connection that is so important to Time2Reconnect. During our campfire moments, the brothers bring out a touch of “scouts” feeling with their singing and guitar.

Bleyckhof and Time2Reconnect, that is a match made in heaven, that was already clear from day one. Sustainability, naturalness, authenticity are characteristics that are very important to both of them.

If you want to listen to the live interview again, you can do so here.

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Lots of love, Ellen

This article has been written by Ellen Van den branden for Time2Reconnect

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