Turn your house into a holiday resort with these interior hacks

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In today’s high-speed world with all its stress and chaos, everyone needs to have a break once in a while. Unfortunately, going on a holiday isn’t really an option right as most of us are confined to our homes. So, now more than ever, your house needs to be a place where you can relax and get away from it all. We at Blogzine want to show you 7 interior hacks on how you can turn your home into a calming sanctuary.

It feels like home and everywhere I’ve never been. All at once.

Clean and declutter

First of the interior hacks is: keep your house tidy and organised. I know it’s sometimes easier said than done but it’s hard to relax in a space that’s filled with clutter or other distracting elements. 

Allthough it may not be the most enjoyable thing to do, now is the perfect time to declutter your living space and to get rid of any nonessential things. Keep only what you really need or what makes you happy. Then collect the rest to bring to the thrift store later or just simply throw it away. This will help you to maintain a clean look and will go a long way towards a better peace of mind.

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Less is more

One of the reasons why I like staying in a hotel or resort is that they usually have a minimalistic design. The rooms have just the right amount of furniture and aren’t filled with too many unnecessary items. This creates calmness and openness which gives a sense of peace and calm. 

To create the same atmosphere you need to get rid of extra furniture and go for some well thought-out decorations. Go for example for a few matching little vases or some beautiful candles. Put them on a tray and decorate a small table with accessories.

By using natural materials you immediately bring that relaxing resort vibe into your home. Think rattan or wicker armchairs, a wooden coffee table, a sisal rug or some seagrass baskets. Just keep it in line with the rest of your interior.

Bring the outdoors in

Oversized house plants are really a thing right now and they have ‘luxury resort’ written all over them. You can go for just one statement plant: pick a nice spot and put in into a big raffia basket to complete the look. Or, you can create these little ‘green corners’ throughout your whole house by putting a few plants together. You’ll get the prettiest effect when you pick all kinds of different variaties, sizes and if you play with height and shapes. Choose some nice matching pots or planters to have an elegant finishing touch.

You can also opt to decorate your home with some fresh flowers. This will give a touch af luxury to your home and will give you the feeling of a special occasion.

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Spice up your walls

Surround yourself with some stunning artwork. You can go for one oversized piece like you often see in luxurious hotels or you can make a nice composition with some smaller pieces. If you’ re not really an artlover you can hang up some nice panoramic pictures or wildlife prints which make you dream of a faraway destination.  

Now is also a good time to go through all of your holiday pictures. Pick your favourite ones and print them on a canvas for example. This adds a personal touch to your interior and it’ll bring back some good memories of happy times.

For those of you who are really feeling adventurous, maybe think about painting a feature wall in your favourite colour. Or put up some tropical or greenery inspired wallpaper. It’s very on trend right now!

Credits: Colora.be (painted walls) & Funkywalls.be (wallpaper)

Bedroom Deluxe

All too often, people tend to neglect their bedroom when it comes to decorating. Of course, having a good night’s sleep is its main purpose. But your bedroom should also be an oasis of tranquility where you can relax and unwind after a stressful day.

By doing only a few simple things you can create your own personal luxury sleep haven.

When it comes to your bed, really invest in your comfortand buy a high-quality one. It speaks for itself that when you’re well rested, you’ll also feel happier and more relaxed. The same goes for your duvet and pillows. The fluffier, the better! Also, the right bed linen can make all the difference in the world. 

Credits: La Redoute

Tips & tricks

Choose a delicate and soft colour paletteYou can use it on the walls as well as in your decorations and accessories. Some watery blues, pale pink, grey or natural tones will give a tranquil and serene ambience to your bedroom. 

If you have room for it, create a seating area. Choose the right armchair or even better, a chaise longue. By adding these you’ll have the perfect little reading corner where you can curl up with a good book or your favourite magazine. Yes, please!

It’s also crucial to pick the perfect lighting. You’ll need an overhead light of course but make sure to also pay attention to some mood lighting. This can be a floor lamp or some bedside table lamps. Each of them will create a different mood. And if you want an elegant and soothing atmosphere you should really consider buying lights that can be dimmed.

Last but not least, don’t forget about the little luxuries: a candle, some extra decorative pillows, your favourite flowers, a beautiful artwork or a soft rug next to your bed. It will feel like you’re staying in a hotel in your own bedroom. Room service, where are you?!

Create a spa bathroom 

One of the easiest ways to make your house feel like a luxury resort is to transform your bathroom into your own private spa where you can be totally zen.

First off all, make sure that all your toiletries are stored away out of sight and that there aren’t any clothes lying around so you have a serene and open feeling. Now it’s all about the details : some lush towels, a stylish soap dispenser, all of your favourite beauty products,  a bamboo bath mat..

Most spas have this certain ambiance of peace and serenity so set the perfect mood with a whole lot of candles and some peaceful music for the ultimate spa-like experience. All you have to do right now is get into your bath, lean back and relax.

Smells like heaven

Luxury resorts often use a pleasant scent to welcome you into the lobby. They tend to carry the same scent through in your room in their soap, shampoo and shower gel.

You can instantly bring that same soothing atmosphere into your house with some scented candles, an essential oil diffuser or even a house perfume. One of my favourite brands is Scento. This is only exclusively available at Ici Paris XL and offers a wide range of scents like fig & sandalwood, cashmere & cotton and peony & rose. Not only do all of their products look really pretty, they are also very affordable!

With these easy interior hacks we are sure that you will enjoy a lovely “Stay at home” holiday. If you have other ideas or you’ve created your own holiday corner, feel free to share your images with us! We can’t wait to see how our readers are decorating their homes. And hopefully we will be on an island soon again.

This article has been written by @SURYANI SIX

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