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If you’re planning a vacation to Punta Cana, be sure to put a day (or two) of Macao Beach on the schedule. Our editor Angelo had long wanted to go there and recently got the chance. Here’s what he thinks of it.

I’ve been wanting to visit Macao beach for months already. Because I heard so much good about it. So I was really happy when I finally got to visit and it did not disappoint me at all. 

Some facts:  Macao Beach (or Playa Macao) is located just beyond the busiest point of Punta Cana’s tourist center. Ideal for those who want to enjoy a day at the beach without being overcrowded by people (especially in high season). It is the only beach in the area not directly surrounded by a hotel or a resort.

The beach is easily accessible from the highway (Boulevard Turistico del Este). In less than 30 minutes you are from Downtown Punta Cana to Macao. Here are a couple of more reasons why a day in Macao should not be missing from your planning:

Amazing for surfing

Although the Dominican Republic does not top the list of the country with the highest waves, there is a lot of surfing going on. One of the most popular spots is Macao Beach. Perhaps because this side of the island has the biggest waves. I was amazed to see myself how big they were. I don’t think I’ve ever seen bigger waves here on any beach of the Dominican Republic.

Adventure at the beach

Macao Beach is not just for those who want to surf or enjoy a day of sunbathing. You can also come here to spend a few hours riding around in a buggy or a four-wheeler. Perhaps the unique setting is a big reason for that: beautiful white beach and clear water. You can most easily book some tours from downtown Punta Cana or through the hotel. This will include transportation to the beach and back. 

Avoid the sargassum

For several years, several countries in the Caribbean have been plagued by an abundance of sargassum. Sargassum is a brown algae species that becomes a real eyesore as soon as it washes ashore. It looks and smells distasteful. But the good news is, you can avoid having to deal with sargassum. Just go to Macao Beach and you won’t see nothing of it. You can snap all your favorite beach pictures here. 


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