Travel Tip: Day Trip to Laguna Dudu in Cabrera


A new year means new adventures, right? No less than twelve months to travel and discover new places. And for those traveling to the Dominican Republic soon, we have a super day trip that should not be missed on the schedule, Laguna Dudu.

A while back we went to Cabrera on the other side of the Dominican Republic from where we live. Cindy and I know the island pretty well by know, so it’s always fun to discover new places. Especially if they are not super touristy or very busy. Laguna Dudu is such a place. This beautiful, magical place is mostly visited by locals. And they like to keep it more of a secret.

What can you do there?

For those who like a little adventure there is an immediate thrill. Near the entrance of the nature reserve, there is a deep valley where you can jump into clear blue water, 10 meters down. Don’t panic, you get a life jacket and don’t jump down from the edge. You hang by the hands on a zipline that slides down, then it’s up to you to release your hands and come down into the water. So much fun.

After the deep jump, you can go up via stairs and further into the nature preserve. Among other things, you will also find a cave with stalactites and stalachmites that you can visit and, of course, a second lagoon where you can swim in full.

The water is so transparent that when the sun shines on it you can see everything up to 30 meters deep. Incredibly beautiful.

Unique experience for divers and speleologists

The Dominican Republic is a popular location for divers to visit from all over the world. The many nearby smaller islands and the several inland caves and lagoons are an absolute must, they say. And the Laguna Dudu is the only place in the world where cavers can dive from one natural lagoon to another while remaining underwater the entire time. It is a classical diving cave with a breathtakig sinkhole with a maximum depth of 20m/66ft. The length of the cave stretches over a 100m/328ft area.

The tunnels are full of amazing decorations by fallen branches and leaves. You will also find snakes, bats, spiders and scorpions in the tunnels.

How to get there?

We recommend hiring a car when you come to the Dominican Republic. Car rental is not that expensive and neither is gasoline. We always book a car at Europcar, because they offer the best service and rates for Europeans.

Driving to Cabrera is very easy from Santo Domingo airport. If you come straight from the airport you might want to change money first, as you will have to pay toll (around 1000 pesos or 15 euros for a single trip). In about 3 hours you are in Cabrera. That is why we think it is a great day trip to do in between the road to either Las Terrenas, Cabarete or Puerto Plata.

Are you be traveling to the Dominican Republic soon? And will Laguna Dudu be on your list of places not to forget to visit? Check out more tips and ideas for your trip here. And be sure to share your vacation snaps with us on instagram:

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  1. Agreed! It is such a wonderful place! Perfect combination of peace/relaxation and the awesome kick of the zipline 💚

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