Travel: Best Surfing Sites in the Dominican Republic

Credits: Angelo Vero in Cabarete

Since he first took surfing lessons in 2018, Angelo Vero has been a big fan of this popular water sport. Today he talks about his 3 most favorite surf spots in the Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Republic is best known for its incredible, beautiful beaches. And although you won’t find the biggest or best waves in the world here, there is a huge surfing culture present.

“You only need three things:
Your body, a surf-board and a wave!”

Playa Bonita, Las Terrenas

Playa Bonita is ideal for those who want to combine a relaxing vacation by the beach with a few adventurous days in the water. It is located on the North Side of the Island and it’s name literally means ‘beautiful beach’. That does not come as a suprise if you consider the beautfil golden beach with the amazing palm trees backdrop.

The waves at Playa Bonita are not as strong as at some of the more famous surf spots in the Dominican Republic, but that makes them ideal for beginners. Those who have never stood on a surfboard before can take lessons here and then brave the water on their own initiative as much as they want. We recommend taking lessons at Carolina Surf School.

Playa Encuentro, Cabarete

Cabarete is perhaps one of the most famous surf spots in the Dominican Republic, located on the north side of the island. Because in Cabarete there is practically always wind, tourists come here not only to surf but also to learn kitesurfing, paddle boarding and wakeboarding.

In Cabarete there are waves for beginners, advanced and even professional surfers. The intermediate zone includes Bobo`s Point, the famous Left, and the Main Peak (La Derecha). Mini Tavarua, Destroyer, Coco Pipe and the Outers will deliver the best expert experience.

“I had my best times surfing here in Cabarete,

because of the bigger and longer waves.”

Of course, you can quickly become overwhelmed by all the Surf schools and lending locations. That’s why I and the Blogzine team did the test for you and went out with Marcus from YahMan Surfing Cabarete. He and his team will guide you through your entire surfing adventure! Even if you have no surfing experience at all, they are ready to teach you all the tips and tricks. So we too could finally get in the water and learn the technique.

And did you know that they also organize the annual “Master of the Ocean“? Between February the 23rd and 28th you can come and admire the extreme elite competition in the disciplines of surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, Stand Up Paddle and wingfoil!

Playa Macao, Punta Cana

Punta Cana is the most well known city in the Dominican Republic as it hosts the most annual tourists. It is famous for it’s many resorts and amazing excursions located at the many beautiful beaches. Surfers skip moest of the beaches and find their way almost directly to Macao beach, because it’s an exposed beach break that offers consistent surf throughout the year.

We suggest you book a surf experience at Macao Surf Camp, the first Surf School to be certified by the Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic. They offer private and group lessons as well as day camps for the whole family.

When to come on surf vacation in the Dominican Republic?

The best period for experienced surfers is from October to April, as this is when there are the best waves. Especially since during that period there are many more hurricanes and storms from over the sea, sending the wind and waves towards the land with greater strength.

For those who want to learn to surf and don’t care about the size of the waves, they can come and surf all year round in the Dominican Republic.

So now that you know where you can go surfing, it’s up to you! Are you coming on a surfing vacation soon? If so, let us know, tag us in your stories or posts. Need more inspiration about the Dominican Republic? Check out these articles.

This article has been written by @ANGELO VERO

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