Travel: An Unexpected Wellness Experience in Las Terrenas

Credits: Angelo Vero

Every once in a while you end up in a place, by chance, that you absolutely love. During one of his monthly trips, Angelo discovered such a unique place in Las Terrenas. You can read all about it in today’s column. 

Every few months I enjoy visiting only cities on the other side of the Dominican Republic. One of my favorite places is of course Las Terrenas, because of the beautiful beaches and the cozy atmosphere that hangs there. So last month I went there again and discovered something new: a beauty spa called Hammam Kef. 

Now you’re thinking, “Okay, a beauty spa, that’s not so special!”. That’s right, a spa is not that special, but this one in the middle of Las Terrenas, is special. But, what made the spa so special then? The decor was completely middle eastern, including mosaic tiles, decorative copper candle holders, lanterns and the real eye catcher; a beautiful traditional hammam. Highly recommended for those who want to enjoy a moment of me-time between all the activities in Las Terrenas. 

Honey scrub and hammam

I’ve been to a spa before, but never experienced this kind of middle eastern spa. The experience starts right away with the hammam spa where you sweat all the toxins out of your body under intense temperatures. On top of that, you are scrubbed by your personal aesthetician.  I really felt like a baby being taken care of from head to toe. My whole body was scrubbed and rubbed with a mix of oils, honey, (and I think milk), and whatnot. Ideal for those who suffer from dry skin or skin that needs a boost. A blissful feeling because you let yourself go completely into the moment. 

Deep tissue massage

After that amazing hammam experience, I opted for a deep tissue massage. I am not a fan of relaxing massages, mainly because they make me nervous. I suffer from a lot of stiff and sore muscles due to taking the wrong posture at work. That’s why a deep tissue massage is ideal for me. Here we work mainly to free up knots in the joints and jammed muscles. No matter how painful some pressure points feel, after such a treatment I am completely stress-free. Again, I was a huge fan of the massage! 

What surprised me most was the fact that in the middle of the Caribbean there is a place where they have created a middle eastern oasis of wellness. The picture was really completely right. Even after the full experience, they close with a nice tea and a biscuit.

Would you also like to book this Hammam experience? Then you can visit their Facebook. We can recommend the Hammam Miel y Ghassoul and Masaja profundo.

This article has been written by @ANGELO VERO

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