Tournée Minérale: Three Mocktail recipes you can easily make at home


With the weekend approaching, it’s time to think about the ultimate relaxation. And that includes a delicious drink to recover from the work week. Since we are in the middle of Tournée Minérale month, of course we do this without alcohol. Therefore, we share with you three mocktail recipes that can easily be made from home. Cheers!

It’s not a green smoothie,

it’s a Virgin Mojito!

A forever refreshing classic

A refreshing drink makes any aperitif moment good. And that’s why in this article we start with a classic: the virgin mojito. Because no matter where you are in the world, how hot or how cold it can be: this mocktail always tastes good! And besides, it’s super easy to make.

What ingredients do you need to prepare a Virgin Mojito?

– Fresh lime juice

– Honey

– Fresh mint leaves

– Sparkling water

– Ice cubes

How to make the mocktail:

1. Put mint leaves and lime juice in a glass and mix them together. Be sure to crush the leaves well to release the flavor and oils of the mint. To do this, you can choose a shaker or a wooden spoon.

2. Add the honey or other sweet syrup you like

3. Add the sparkling water (can be from SodaStream)

4. Garnish with lime slices, mint and/or fresh fruit

Additional tip: Make variations of this mocktail. You can also make a passion fruit mojito, or one with strawberries. Cheers!

Bringing the Caribbean flavors at home

We would not make it personal if a Caribbean touch is not added to the selection. That’s why we’re going for a Virgin Piña Colada! Without Rum, but with the delicious flavors of pineapple and coco. Are you ready to make yours?

What ingredients do you need to prepare a Virgin Piña Colada?

– Make fresh pineapple juice or buy a natural version

– Coconut milk

– Coconut cream

– Ice cubes

How to make the mocktail:

You make this mocktail with a blender and you start by adding the pineapple juice. Then add the coconut milk, cream and finish with the ice cubes. To make your mocktail, you blend everything until smooth. And that’s it!

Want to avoid making your cocktail watery? Don’t add huge amounts of ice right away! If your ingredients are already cold, you’re going to need less ice, and thus the whole thing becomes less liquid.

A mocktail that will keep you warm

Temperatures are still a bit colder, and we are cozy warm inside. That’s why we end this article with a mocktail that will keep you nice and warm. The Sparkling Apple Mocktail is a surprising non-alcoholic cocktail that you must try!

What ingredients do you need to prepare a this mocktail?

– 2 cups apple juice

– 1 tbsp lemon juice

– 1 tbsp of honey or another sweetener you like

– 2 cups sparkling water

– A cinnamon stick

– 1 star anise

– One red apple, thinly sliced

– ½ lemon, thinly sliced

– Ice cubes

How to make the mocktail:

First, in a pitcher, add the apple slices, lemon slices, a cinnamon stick and star anise. Then pour in the apple juice, lemon juice and honey. Mix everything well and refrigerate for an hour. And only just before serving, remove the jug from the refrigerator.

To serve, take a glass, fill it by half with ice cubes and add chilled sparkling water or soda. Whatever you like best. Afterwards, garnish your mocktail with a cinnamon stick and an apple slice. Enjoy!

Belgian brands that will make your mocktail even more delicious

At Blogzine, we think it is hugely important to support and highlight Belgian entrepreneurs. And also for this article, we found two perfect Belgian brands that will make your mocktail even more delicious!

Tonami is a completely organic aperitif drink and has the sour, bitter-sweet taste of pink grapefruit, lime and tonic. It’s a drink with a lot of spice!

In addition, we discovered the “Selia & Scob” brand. A completely alcohol-free, and 100% natural Kombucha. Their flavors such as forest fruit, mango and pineapple, and cactus already surprised many mocktail lovers.

Photo Credits: Selia & Scob

We are very curious to discover what your favorite mocktail recipes are. So share your inspiration via Instagram with the hashtag #BlogzineMocktails and inspire others too! We will also share your recipes on our page, Enjoy the weekend and your mocktails!

This article has been written by @Cindy Van Dyck

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