Tournée Minérale: This is the best Belgian wine, without alcohol


There is nothing better than sitting on your couch after a busy work week. And while reading a book or watching your favorite movie, it’s so relaxing to drink a glass of wine. But since it’s Tournée Minerale we want to motivate you to choose an alcohol free alternative. Don’t worry you will hardly taste the difference with these non alcoholic wines.

We are partners in wine.

100% regional wines, 0.0% Alcohol

What do you think of when you hear the word wine? The wine regions of France, the rich taste of the grapes? These are all aspects that make your experience when drinking a glass of wine unique. And Vintense, a 100% Belgian Brand, takes care of this. Their wines contain 0% alcohol!

The Vintinse O°rigin are wines that have been carefully selected by their vinologists who carefully choose these wines for you. Thanks to this unique selection, all your senses can fully enjoy this journey through your favorite wine regions. Enjoy without worries!

Photo credits: Vintense

Mocktails that will surprise you

In addition to a selection of non-alcoholic wines, Vintense also has a surprising selection of unique non-alcoholic cocktails based on de-alcoholized sparkling wine.

When fruits, herbs and spices mix with the non-alcoholic sparkling wine, they become irresistible, instant ready Vintense Ice Mocktails! You can choose between an Americano Spritz, Bellini or Hugo.

Photo credits: Vintense

International “Drink Wine Day”

All over the world, there are a huge number of wine lovers. Even some Americans were such fans that they set up a Facebook Group, with more than 150,000 followers by now, and so inaugurated International Wine Day. This year it falls on Feb. 18. And even though this falls right in the month of Tournée Minérale, we were thus able to give you the inspiration to participate, without having to drink alcohol to do so. Enjoy your glass!

So invite your partner or girlfriends to enjoy an alcohol-free wine evening together. Or pour yourself your favorite flavor, and enjoy a movie night. How you celebrate wine day is entirely up to you. But don’t forget that delicious cheese board and to share your picture with us on by using the day #BlogzineLovesWine. Cheers!

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