Tournée Minérale: Delicious alcohol-free delight with Ginstberg


An alcohol-free month certainly doesn’t have to be boring. We prove that with our Tournée Minerale articles throughout February. Today we would like to highlight a 100% Belgian brand; Ginstberg. 

Ginstberg is natural mineral water. You can find pure mineral water or mineral water with natural flavors in the range.  Our favorites are the Slank Pompelmoes, Slank Oranje and Citron Light. Not only are they super tasty, they also contain no sugars. So you can enjoy guilt free. 

Our serving tip: pour your favorite Ginstberg over a glass with ice and top it off with garnishes like thyme/rosemary and dried fruit e.g. dried pineapple and dried blood orange.

Natural mineral water 

Natural mineral water comes from an underground aquifer or spring and is naturally pure. Natural mineral water is filled directly at the source, protected from any pollution.

Its many years of journey through the underground gives it its typical mineralization. It is forbidden by European law to treat these waters and modify their composition.

Water labelled “Natural mineral water” is nature!

You can buy your favorite Ginstberg products in their webshop.

Domain Ginstberg

The domain where the Ginstberg spring is located is in Scheldewindeke, a borough of Oosterzele. The Ginstberg spring rises at the bottom of the Ginstberg, one of the first hills of the Flemish Ardennes. The domain has been in family hands for decades, on the domain there are 8 other self-springing springs, also called fountains. The water from these 8 springs, also of drinking water quality, is partly used in the bottling process.

Photo credits: GinstBerg

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