Tips & Tricks for a Long Car Ride or Flight with Kids


Going on vacation or day trip with your child can go one of two ways. Either it will be the best day your family has ever experienced, or it will be an unmitigated disaster. To avoid the latter, we have 3 perfect lists that will make your life and vacation a lot more fun, thanks to Laurien of Noaly Kids

Noaly is an online kids concept store featuring unique and sustainable baby and children’s clothing, accessories, care and decor. And because owner Laurien knows how challenging traveling as a parent with kids can be, today she would rather talk about her ultimate travel tips. Of course you can also visit her webshop, if you are still looking for nice clothes to take along on your trip.

List 1: General tips

– The most important tip for all ages: bring snacks! And not just one, but a whole arsenal. You’ll get every child to calm down for a while with a tasty distraction. You can quickly dismantle a tantrum with the right cookie. Some handy snacks to always have on hand: dry crackers, raisins, squeeze bags, banana, cereal bar, baby bubble, small sausages, grapes in pieces,… Put them in a snack cup so everything doesn’t start flying around

– Also, don’t forget a sippy cup that doesn’t leak or a baby bottle with water

– Put your child in pajamas or a track suit and some easy shoes so they are comfortable. Also bring a blanket for when it gets chilly. 

– The favorite stuffed toy doesn’t belong in the luggage but should be closeby

– Bring a baby carrier or compact baby carriage for your baby or toddler. Much more convenient than a large stroller that is not allowed on the plane.

– Are you traveling with a baby? Then measure the milk powder in advance in small jars and take a thermos of hot water with you or a bottle warmer for in the car. On the plane you can ask for water to be heated.

– Carry plastic bags in your bag for dirty diapers on the go

– Are you traveling by car? Then bring a picnic blanket or play rug to sit and play on during stops

– A white noice tool is useful for infants who want to sleep but are easily startled by environmental noises. The Numsy is very small and handy to take with you. We have been using it ourselves for a while now for both children and it always goes with us when we travel.

– A tablet with movies or games for both in the car and on the plane. Further in this article, we share some apps that have been very successful for traveling with kids.

List 2: Activities for long rides/flights/waiting

– Coloring pencils (best triangular ones) and a coloring book 

– Small stuffed animals or dolls

– Their own backpack with favorite goodies and snacks

– Adjustable stickers

– Coloring with water booklets

Magnet games

– Stacking cups for the little ones (you can also use them in the bath or pool on site!)Plastic bottle with pompoms or chenille wire

Timio music player with headphones

– Small, wrapped presents and let them open one now and then 

List 3: Fun apps for the tablet

We already have some experience with the tablet through our kids so we know what they like and what apps are less successful. Below is a list of my kids’ favorites (4.5 and 3 years old):

– Duplo world: We bought all the expansions and this is both kids’ favorite app. Lots to do, educational and they get away with it quickly

– Nijntje: This one my little daughter likes the most. Free but there is additional paid content available

– All Bimi Boo games: these come in different versions and for different ages. The games are educational and varied. All of them a hit here! 

– Ketnet Junior app: This is completely free and has both games and Ketnet junior programs to watch. The movies do only work with wifi. 

We are especially curious to know which of these tips you have taken or will take to heart on your next trip or vacation. Be sure to let us know in the comments.

This article has been written in collaboration with Noaly Kids

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