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When Ellen Van den Branden started her ‘Time2Reconnect‘ project, she knew it was important to extend the connection with nature throughout the whole project. That’s how she came into contact with Pieter-Jan Lint, a well-known plant-based gastronomic chef.

Plant-based cuisine is the cuisine of the future

– Pieter-Jan Lint

Cooking is his language, from his personal philosophy he develops dishes with which he wants to immerse his guests in a refreshing view of nutrition. Craftsmanship, passion and creativity, with the combination of top quality organic & vegetable ingredients, are central.

When Ellen had Pieter-Jan on the phone for the first time to explain her project and discuss a possible collaboration, she immediately knew that he would be the perfect match for the gastronomic part during the Time2Reconnect experience. He lets people experience how surprising and versatile vegan cuisine is. This way Pieter-Jan wants to contribute to a more conscious and sustainable society.

And that’s why he is an absolute asset to the Time2Reconnect experiences. For Time2Reconnect it is also a mission to make people more aware of themselves, of nature and of the society we live in. By making people more aware of all these facets, we help them to become the best version of themselves.

The Power of Nature

Because of our “hurried” society, we have forgotten the gems that nature has to offer us. Everywhere outside there are herbs, plants and trees that are edible. In every garden all sorts of things grow that can be used as a flavor accent or to prepare a tasty salad. The biotope in Western Europe is very similar. The plants and trees are practically the same everywhere. A natural biotope always develops in the same way: first you have the brambles which form a first buffer/protection layer for the plants and trees around the forest. Before and in between you find the plants that are semi-shaded. On an open meadow you will find sorrel very often.

Especially very early in the spring a lot of edible plants grow. In spring the dandelions and daisies come out which are very tasty. In summer it becomes too dry to grow anything nice, except on the limestone soil in the Ardennes where you find delicious marjoram in summer. Nature is so magical and recovers much faster than we think possible. A degraded piece of nature/soil recovers within 5 years. 

The Magic of Plant-based Nutrition

There is a lot of “plant-based” and “vegan” out there, but often it is rather “basic”. When people think of a vegan meal, it is often perceived as “tasteless”, “monotonous”, “not nutritious enough”. Pieter-Jan Lint wants to trigger people to think about new possibilities on a vegetable basis. To make people enthusiastic for the ‘food of the future’.

I never thought this would be plant-based

A “aha moment”

During our Time2Reconnect ‘culinary walks’ Pieter-Jan initiates people with the outdoors. This reconnection with nature is very important, to let people “ground” again. A very intense moment and a unique experience where guests often experience a “aha moment”. They are often amazed about the edible quantity that grows and blooms in the plant kingdom. We are therefore very happy when they remember 5 herbs after this unique experience.

Afterwards, during our gastronomic experience, Pieter-Jan creates the most delicious dishes with accompanying mocktails and fermented drinks. One of the top moments during our first Time2Reconnect gourmet dinner was discovering the pine. The top of the pine was prepared in the aperitif and this was a wonderful gift for the taste buds.

Would you also like to be surprised by the unprecedented possibilities hidden in the botanical realm? Then join us during our next Full moon ‘Time2Reconnect’ experience. This will take place from 20 to 22 September 2021. Be quick because there are only 5 places left. You can register via the following link: https://www.destination.be/full-moon-editie.

This article has been written by Ellen Van den branden for Time2Reconnect

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