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Credits: Moman

Whether you’re a brand, photographer, blogger or you just love playing around with your camera and take pictures of all the fun moment with your friends and family, there’s nothing as important as natural and bright light. Jef, photographer and gadget lover, tells you about his must have for the best content creation.

Last week I was filming a friend who was getting a tattoo for an art project we’re doing for Antwerp Fashion Weekend. Whilst talking, me and the tattoo artist came to the subject that ‘we both need light for our art’. But she was sick and tired of always having to move around her giant soft box light. And I get it, it’s quite a bulky light with a giant umbrella shaped hood around it. Quite heavy and not always easy to carry around with you on a daily base. So because she was moving her studio to a new location, she needed something smaller. The first solution? A ring light!

The LED Light is smaller than an iPhone and easy to carry with you no matter where you go!

Unfortunately the results weren’t as expected and we ended up having crappy light… Even though a ring light is especially made to put your camera inside the ring, it wasn’t giving the necessary nice soft light to the subject. The light we got was actually less than a candlelight at a romantic dinner and as we don’t want to tattoo the wrong lines on someones skin, we searched for another solution…

The week before the meeting I bought the MOMAN RGB LED LIGHTS and it ended up being exactly what we needed. It’s small in size but so powerful! You wouldn’t expect it as it’s less than 400gr in weight and smaller than an iPhone…

However it packs a serious punch! An average of around 300 Lux at 1m. That translates into the light of about 300 candles instead of 1 and is significantly better than that ring-light I would say. Next to that it has also a built-in battery which gives you minimum one hour of light at full power or up to 12 hours at 5% brightness. And if you need it longer you can plug it into the wall or a USB socket via it’s USB-C connection. Isn’t that super easy to use while traveling or on the go? Even your power bank can charge it for you!

But there’s more…

The body of the light has magnets so you can stick it to every metal surface you’d like too. Use it in your office on the underside of your desk as interior lighting, use it in the garage when working on your car and mount it for example directly to the hood. The different uses are endless here.

Do you want to know more about it?

The light has several modes you can use by selecting them with the ‘set’ button. From the basic CCT setting, which allows you to use the light as a natural light source (5600K), a warm indoor light (up to 2500K) and a maximum of 8500K, a xenon-like blueish light. It also has a HSI setting (Hue, Saturation and Intensity) with which you can make any color you could possibly want. And to top it off a SCENE mode with special effects lighting. Here we can choose from 3 modes of warning lights (Police – Fire Truck or Ambulance). A color changing mode with a slow and a fast setting and strangely enough a Candlelight setting too. And a Lightning mode with two sorts of Lightning and a tv-light simulation to end this list.

Credits: Moman

The conclusion: this light is the perfect carry-along for every content maker as well as anyone who loves to play with lights or needs them professionally!

The light retails at a price of 99,99€ and you can find it on Amazon. In the box you will find the light … DUH … a soft pouch to put it in, a usb cable for charging and an elbow joint to put the light on a tripod or your camera.

This article has been written by @JEF.CALLENS

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