This is why Gender-Neutral Fashion is More Than a Trend

Credits: Kimberly Richard for Maxime Thys

Not all brands have figured it out yet, but smart ones do: betting on gender-neutral collection is a good choice. Today we zoom in on a brand that has understood that message: Maxime Thys.

Clothing is an extension of your identity: an important non-verbal way of communicating. That’s why more and more brands are making clothing that is for everyone. This inclusiveness is an important part of the move towards gender-neutral fashion. Belgian designer Maxime Thys also does not design collections for men or women separately. For her, the main focus is on the piece itself. A piece has to look nice and comfortable. And that’s all. For whom the piece is intended, Maxime is not concerned with that. It can be anyone. 

“I think it’s important that everyone can,

should and especially dares to wear what they feel good in.”

For the promotion of her new collection, Maxime Thys decided to collaborate with Belgian micro-influencer and model Kimberly Richard. The choice of Kimberly comes purely organically. She has bought quite a few Maxime Thys pieces in the past and shows on her socials that she has a different view on how clothing can be worn. Kimberly herself is more often confronted with how restrictive people look at clothing. 

“Ma’am, you’re in the men’s department.”

Our society still has many waters to swim through to embrace gender neutrality. Not everyone here is ready for it. A woman who wants to wear loose pants, oversized sweaters and t-shirts, it’s all already possible. But a man who likes a pink sweater with a bunny or a butterfly, or wants to wear a skirt himself, is more often questioned. Men should stay in their department and women in theirs, is how most people still think.

But suppose we let go of that idea, then suddenly a whole new world opens up for you. The store instantly offers twice as much choice. Or the webshop feels a lot freer with just one click. Everyone can choose clothing much more freely without thinking in boxes.

3 reasons why Maxime Thys is perfect for those who don’t think in boxes:

1. You can swap clothes with your partner or best friends

The pieces by Maxime Thys can be worn by both men and women. So you end up having twice as much clothing at home. You can share your favorite sweater with your favorite person any day.

2. Your size preference does not matter

The Quotees and Cutees are available in sizes S to 2XL. So you can choose whether you like your sweater or T-shirt a bit tighter or rather oversized combined with for example biker shorts.

3. You’ll be wearing unique designs

A large part of the collections of Maxime Thys are handmade and unique. So there is no one in the whole world who has the same piece as you. An authentic piece of fashion, for an authentic person. Each collection is special, playful and colorful. So you immediately bring some life into your closet. 

If there is on thing you should remember it is that the only rule in fashion is; there are no rules. So just wear what you like, because it’s not just your skin you have to be comfortable in. Does your brand want to be more gender neutral? Send Kimberly a DM via instagram if you want to collaborate with her and put your collections in the spotlight. 

This article has been made in collaboration with Maxime Thys and Kimberly Richard

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