This is why customized lingerie is the better choice

Credits: La Maison Boudoir

Everyone knows that a tailored suit is like a second skin. You feel it and you see it. It’s no different for lingerie! Only it’s not as well established as with tailored suits. In this article you’ll discover why you should have your next lingerie set made to measure. 

Lingerie is usually covered with other fabrics, like clothes for example, few people see it. But be honest: how many times have you cursed at that stupid bra? It’s too tight, too loose, the straps sag and so on….

Sometimes you have to make a bargain with yourself while lingerie shopping: I love this bra, it’s my thing, but it either fits or it doesn’t.  Also the opposite is true, this bra fits like a glove but it’s not really my thing. 

Opt for tailor-made lingerie

Lingerie may be the most intimate item in your wardrobe, but it reflects so much of your personality. It is also the most versatile and important item in your wardrobe: it provides support, it boosts your confidence, it makes you feel sexy and it determines the fit of your outerwear! But most importantly, lingerie has to fit your body well!

Tailor-made lingerie is what it says it is: a bra (and/or panties) made to your size and your thing. Not everyone has (or wants) off-the-rack sizes and this can undoubtedly lead to a lot of frustration. By choosing a custom-made lingerie item, there is no doubt about the fit. Your body = your unique measurements. 

“Every lingerie item I make is unique,

because every body and every person is unique.”

Feeling good in your skin

The mission of La Maison Boudoir is to make people feel good in their bodies, no matter what body, through lingerie. In doing so, you consequently don’t have to fit into a particular box.What’s common to some may not be special enough for you….

Wearing beautiful and well-fitting lingerie is also a way to take care of yourself and to pamper yourself. Lingerie is very personal and reflects your deepest ‘I’, your secret identity, so to speak, and that is a powerful thing! 

Our bodies are beautiful, glorious and amazing and we all deserve to wear beautiful lingerie, but above all wear what you like and what makes you feel good.

A complex, but fascinating process

As a lingerie designer and maker, La Maison Boudoir listens to your story first and foremost to translate it into your perfect lingerie set. Your story tells which direction the design should go.  It tells which aspects I should take into account. These can range from certain dimensions to the style of the final design.

Before the design can be realized, all measurements are taken. Based on these measurements a personal pattern is realized. This is converted into pieces of fabric that fit your personality and purpose of the lingerie. Everything is then carefully put together. All ready for you to enjoy your own customized set.

La Maison Boudoir carries the label ‘Handmade In Belgium’ awarded by Unizo. Tailor-made lingerie (and therefore handmade) at La Maison Boudoir is by definition a better choice than ready-to-wear because of the following aspects:

– Perfect fit – no standard ready-made sizes

– Handmade – better finishing

– Unique – no mass production

– Private Fitting Room

– Personal approach

– Out of the box

– LGBTQIA+ safe environment

“Tailored lingerie is not an unnecessary luxury,

but a ‘luxury’ you deserve!”

Would you also like to have your lingerie made to measure? Then you can make an appointment at La Maison Boudoir.

This article has been written in collaboration with @La Maison Boudoir

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