This is our new challenge: let’s work on that summer booty


Everyone is ready for the summer and even though we don’t know what our summer is going to look like, we want to feel good. That’s why this month is all about the booty. Because who doesn’t want a tight ass?

For a whole month we’re going to focus on squats, an ideal exercise to strengthen the buttocks and leg muscles. But Nasrien has even better news. The exercise is so intense that it releases hormones that are good for muscle growth. Squats therefore improve both upper and lower body and help you burn fat. Hello tight body, bye-bye extra kilos.

Squats also improves your posture, prevents back problems, helps to a good hormone balance and you don’t need anything. Just your own body. Did I hear someone say: “No, I don’t see the benefits of this and I won’t participate?” I don’t think so! Good luck with the challenge.

Start the squat challenge today

Download (click here) and print out the challenge and check off each day you’ve been following the plan. It’s of course very important to combine the challenge with a balanced food plan and to not only eat junkfood or snacks during quarantine. On Blogzine we will continue to inspire to eat healthy and have a healthy lifestyle. We can do this together!

Keep us posted

We would love to see the results of your squat challenge and discover who has been inspired by our challenges. Tag us on your Social Media with #BlogzineBE or @Blogzine.Be and let’s motivate each other to get our Summer body in no time!

PS: if you didn’t join our abs challenge yet, you can download it here as well.

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