This is how you make your closet spring proof


Now that it’s officially spring and the first rays of sunshine have appeared, it’s about time to blow a fresh breeze through your wardrobe. In this article we will give you all kinds of tips to make your wardrobe spring proof in a relaxing and fun way.

Clothes aren’t going to change the world. The women who wear them will. ― Anne klein

Tip 1: Take your time.

Choose a day where you haven’t planned anything else. A decent wardrobe clear out takes time, and by rushing, you often overlook things or tell yourself you’ll do it some other time. If you make time for it, you can continue for a long time without having to worry about it.

Tip 2: Make it fun!

Making your wardrobe spring proof shouldn’t always be a boring task. Why not combine the pleasurable with the unpleasant? Invite your best friend to have a chat and drink a glass of wine. In the meantime she can help you with difficult choices.

Tip 3: Fitting, fitting and fitting

We all know it, you’re standing in the store and you see a beautiful dress, but you don’t feel like trying it on. The dress goes home with you and then disappears into your wardrobe. When you finally fit the dress, you realize that it’s not quite your thing. That’s why, dear people, fitting is so important.

When you clean up your wardrobe you often come across some items you think ‘Oh this is so beautiful, I’ll keep this one!’ However often these items don’t fit anymore or it’s not your thing taste anymore. But since you liked it so much you tell yourself: ‘In a couple of months it will fit.’ So it disappears back into the closet to taking up room till next time you decide what to do with it. When you try on your clothes you immediately see if they are still something for you or if you have to say goodbye to them.

Tip 4: Shake what your momma gave ya

Put on your favourite music and enjoy yourself. While trying on your clothes, parade through the room as if you were on the catwalk. Admire yourself in the mirror, so you immediately notice which clothes make you feel good and which ones don’t.

Tip 5: Make piles

Pile one is for the clothes you keep

The second pile is for the clothes you have doubts about 

And the third pile is for the clothes you can donate, sell or need to throw away.

This will create a clear overview and it is much easier to keep track of your thoughts.

Tip 6: Hangers

Our last tip is one that has helped us often when cleaning up our wardrobe and when you can’t say goodbye to certain items. Even if you tell yourself that you will need it for a certain event or occasion. So this piece slips through the holes of the net every time.

But lately we have been using a technique where you can’t make excuses for yourself anymore! The ‘doubt’ pieces we hang on a hanger with the closed side of the hanger backwards. So actually in the opposite way that you hang a hanger in a wardrobe. When we notice after a while that the hanger still hangs like that, we say goodbye to the piece that still hasn’t been put on. You should definitely try it.

These tips have helped the Blogzine team to clean up their wardrobes and we hope this will be the case for you as well. Keep us posted!

This article has been written by @JULIE ROSSEEL

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