These mascaras will make your eyes shine

If your eyes could talk, what would they say? We are very curious to know your answer to this question. And with the start of the new season, it’s the perfect timing to make our pretty eyes shine. Therefor we take a look at Cindy’s favorite mascaras and accessories for a mesmerizing look.

The reason I’m talking about mascaras today is very simple. A good mascara can chance the whole expression on your face. Also during hot Summer days it’s an unmissable beauty product. Just think about a sun kissed skin, a little bit of highlight and yes, mascara. Isn’t it the best natural look ever?

Sometimes I wonder what I look like in your eyes

But creating a natural make-up look isn’t only about finding the right mascara. Having a good base and healthy skin is priority. Therefor we won’t only talk about the mascaras themselves, but also about primers and accessories to use while applying them.

Let’s start with the basics

As said quite often, you need to prepare your skin with a moisturizer and hydrating prep cream before applying anything else. With your lashes it’s very important too to take care of them. It’s completely normal to have a lash that falls out, just like we loose some hair on a daily base. But we don’t want lashes full of old solidified mascara.

Use a primer

The Lancôme “Cils Booster XL” is your best friend when it comes to taking care of your eyes. It’s actually a white base that you apply before using any kind of mascara. The serum prepares the lashes, makes sure your mascara fixes well and will make them look longer. Said otherwise, it’s what you need for a hypnotizing eye look.

A curler makes the difference

Another unmissable tool for the perfect eye look is the eye lash curler. Unfortunately we’re not all blessed by long lashes, which means that the curler can make a big difference.

My favorite eyelash curler is the one from the Dior Backstage beauty collection. Thanks to the handy grip and squeeze cushion, your lashes curl perfectly!

1. Yves Saint Laurent “Vinyl Couture”

For a deep dramatic look, to go out with for example, the Yves Saint Laurent Vinyl Couture will be the mascara you need! The paste is more thick, the texture greasy and it applies immediately a thick layer. Therefor you won’t need Two layers are enough for an eye-catching look.

For a complete dramatic, colorful and bold make-up look, add the YSL Vinyl lipstick cream to your lips. You are going to love it and believe me that no one else will steal the show as you will!

2. Giorgio Armani “Eyes To Kill”

This mascara is my favorite when it comes to dating or for a dinner night out. Do I have your attention now? But really, the “Eyes To Kill” mascara from Giorgio Armani simply creates the open eye-look you’ve always wanted. And need as well for your date to fall for your mesmerizing eyes.

3. Annayake Mascara Black

However this “Mascara Guide” wouldn’t be complete if I wouldn’t add a mascara for an every day make-up look.

Annayake is therefor one of the best beauty brands I know. Their “Black” mascara will always complete any style for any occasion. So whether you’re at the office, a meeting, going on a shopping day or even when you go for a drink after work, it is the perfect basic of all mascaras!

Now that Cindy has shared her favorite mascaras and tools to create a fabulous eye-look, we’re of course very curious about your favorites. Feel free to share your make-up looks, thoughts and suggestions on our socials ( or in the comments. And last but not least, don’t forget to let your eyes talk!

This article has been written by @CINDYVANDYCK

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