These are the prettiest summer sandals for children


Is it time for your kids their shoes to get a summer update? Then be sure to check out these summer trends.

The Belgian weather overwhelms us with delicious, tropical temperatures. Time to put the winter shoes in the closet and make room for summer shoes. Sarenza has a whole range of summer shoes for children. Shoes that promise hours of outdoor fun, animal prints and shoes with a tropical vibe. The best summer trends for children’s shoes can be found here.

You can shake the sand from your shoes but not from your soul

1. Tropical paradise on your feet

We may not be able to travel this summer, but these shoes will give you a tropical vibe. Colors like red, orange and bright pink are totally in this summer. That combined with a print and your kid is ready for tropical adventures.

                      1. Pèpè floral sandals, €187,70 // 2. El Naturalista, €60,99 // 3. XTI Espadrilles, €40,90


2. Fancy shoes with animal print

Cindy already showed us the must have printed sandals for adult women. But there is also a fantastic offer for the kids at Sarenza. Whether it’s zebra prints, leopard, snake or croco prints, if you wear them, you’ll be in fashion!

               1. Bopy printed sandals, €50,00 // 2. Body leopard print, €43,50 // 3. Birkenstock navy blue, €59,99

3. Beach vibes and beach feeling

Didn’t you see a beach one summer? Missed opportunity! Because the beach is where you have to be to make the most of the summer. Fun guaranteed with these shoes.

   1. La Maison de l’espadrille, €35,50 // 2. Méduse water sandals, €15,99 // 3. Keshell sandals, €39,00

4. Gold and silver, for summer evenings

Lovely, long summer evenings on the dike and hopefully on a nice terrace. Don’t forget to order one of these shoes. Perfect for a night out with the kids.

5. Practical shoes to go all the way

Children’s shoes should be practical, true. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have to look fashionable. Let your kids play outdoors for hours in these hip basket shoes.

1. Veja sneakers, €69,99 // 2. Bopy sneakers, €49,- // 3. Patt ‘ Touch sneakers, €78,99

Did you know that at Sarenza you get a 20 euro discount as a welcome gift? All the more reason to buy one or more new shoes here, right? Let us know which trend is your favorite by tagging us.

This article has been written by Stephanie De Vroe from @SMOTHERHOODS

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