These are the must have sex toys


Throughout the taboo month, Blogzine brought up several less discussed topics. The use of sex toys was also one of them. Is your interest stimulated but you don’t know how or what? Then take a look at our five suggestions. 

When she’s had a rough day, give her a rough night. 

All these suggestions can easily be ordered online. Your order will be delivered to your home in an inconspicuous box, because let’s be honest: we don’t want our neighbors to see that we bought sex toys.

1. Stretchy cockring set

This three-piece set is an ideal addition for both men and women. The penis ring is slid over the penis so that it is tightened even more. A pleasant addition that will make your sexual experience even more intense. Penis rings can be found in all sorts of sizes, colors and structures. This set is ideal for beginners and will soon make you realize how great it is to introduce sex toys.

Stretchy cockring set – €7,95

2. Easyglide – Water-based lubricant 

Few of us dare admit that they are dry during sex. As if it’s a great shame that we’re not standard wet or damp, because that would be tantamount to admitting that we’re not aroused. Wrong. After all, a vagina is not an easy part of the body over which we have little control. It’s possible to influence it. Having sex with the addition of lubricant, it can work miracles.

Easyglide water based lubricant – €4,95

3. Yasmin vibrator 

For women who have no experience with vibrators or dildos, this version is ideal. This vibrator is easy to handle and looks anything but scary, because let’s be honest; some types scare me. Effortless search for the G – spot? Then this Yasmin Vibrator is a great purchase!

EasyToys Yasmin Vibrator – €29,95

4. Vibrating egg

I’m sure you know this one from some comedy. The egg is inserted and at the most uncomfortable moment the vibrator is set in motion. Awkward! Let’s face it, in reality these situations don’t happen, or at least not all the time. It is the ideal toy to make the relationship a little more exciting. As a woman you can have an orgasm at any time and the partner has one hundred percent control over it. 

Does insertion seem a bit difficult to you at first? Order some lubricant and it will solve the problem.  

Purple vibrating egg – €27,96

5. Satisfyer pro 2 

But my biggest favorite is undoubtedly this one. The vibrator stimulates the clitoris with air pressure waves so you can reach an orgasm in just two minutes. And I’m not the only one who thinks so, because the vibrator is not for nothing the most favorite sex toy of 2020!

Satistyer Pro 2 – €39,95

So you’re not completely at home in the world of sex toys yet, but are you open to it? Then quickly order these five recommendations on EasyToys! And do you think there is still one missing from this list? Then be sure to let us know in the comments.

This article has been written by Stephanie De Vroe from @SMOTHERHOODS

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