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Beyoncé was right, girls run the world. Whether we’re mothers or not. Life doesn’t stop after having a child. Some moms just have the balls to start their own business and today Stephanie is putting some of those mothers in the spotlight.

Boy you know you love it, how we’re smart enough to make these millions. Strong enough to bare the children then get back to business. 

Valerie, managing director MODENO

Valerie was only 25 years old when she started her second company. In 2014 she married the man of her life, Mohamed, and two years later they had a son, Dean. Since then she wanted to combine entrepreneurship and motherhood easily. So they ended up buying a commercial property in Niel, Antwerp. And since the self-willed and independent Valerie no longer wanted to work for a boss, she founded the second baby spa in Belgium.

Valerie loved it when the money came in and realized that she only owed this thanks to her own hard work. Soon after the opening, she expanded her BABY SPA business with baby photography and especially the ‘cake mash’ was a hit. However the success, baby wellness became an infernal hype in Belgium and new spas were opening their doors every other week. That’s why Valerie sold the business at its peak and founded something totally new: Modeno. From a baby spa to a construction company? Valerie can do it all!

She is very happy with the career change from the Baby Spa to Modeno. Thanks to this change she can spend the weekend with her son. When she still had her own Baby Spa, this was not a possibility. Then Dean sat with his grandparents while she saw other families enjoying the weekend with their children.

Her ultimate tip for moms who want to become self-employed: dare to dream, dare to set goals, dare to start. When people ask me: “what if I fall?”, I answer resolutely: “But what if you fly?”

Hyang, founder of SPICE IT UP YOU QI

Hyang, 38 years old, is the mother of a twelve-year-old son and a nine-year-old daughter. She herself is from Seoul, South Korea, where she found inspiration for her own company: Spice it up you Qi. A universal health program in which Hyang has bundled the best from the Eastern and Western world. It consists tools from Qi coaching, nutrition and Zhineng Qigong. The developed wholeness theory has a universal side that is accessible to everyone and works effectively. Especially working with people and listening to their stories, are the motivation of this mummy.

Hyang’s tips for moms who want to enter the business world themselves are clear: go for it and enjoy your freedom. Take courses or follow a training to expand your knowledge of a certain domain. And above all: fear of failure is a growing pain.

Credits: Spice it up you Qi

Stefanie, founder of MRS E – COMMERCE

In the Netherlands a lot of webshops are set up but also disappear from the internet not much later. “That could be better!” is what the 31 year old mom of son Joey thought. And unfortunately it’s a fact that not a lot of people are doing enough research to have a webshop. This results into not having the success they could’ve have. And in 2009 Stefanie made the same mistake.

Three years later she started as a webshop manager out of her love for designing webshops. After setting up her own webshop with baby clothes in which the brand went bankrupt, she founded Mrs e – commerce. Today, Stefanie assists business in setting up and managing a webshop. Because of her many years of experience she just knows what the ingredients are of a successful e-commerce!

The ultimate tip Stefanie gives to moms who want to enter the business world are the following. Do research and don’t make ill-considered decisions. It all sounds fun, but there’s a lot involved. Especially if you combine this with motherhood. Do research and think carefully about what you want to do. Because once you have put together the ultimate package, there is nothing more fun than working with passion.

Credits: Mrs E-commerce

Vera, owner of MAEKID

Being 23 years old, Vera is the youngest mom and business woman in our list today. This period of COVID-19 gave Vera the ideal impetus to establish MAEKID.

As a hairdresser she came to sit at home and this was the moment when she turned her creative brain into action: setting up her own children’s clothing webshop from size 50 to 128. The cool, exclusive and handmade children’s clothing looks like brothers and sisters can match each other perfectly. Vera started from scratch and after a lot of research and discussions with others, her own company was born.

Nice to know, the webshop is named after her son Mae – son. On her instagram account Vera takes her followers with her from the very beginning and mothers can share their ideas and preferences on which Vera then works things out.

Mixing business with personal contact is a golden tip, according to Vera. Involve potential clients in your search and listen attentively to what they want. Ask enough questions so you can find out what they want.

Marijke, inventor and owner of Business Moms

What started as an easy-to-access platform on Facebook where mothers with their own company could ask for help and tips, soon became a success for more than 1.9 thousand members. Marijke, the mother of three children, quickly discovered the potential of her group and created a company number.

Since that moment Business Moms became a well-known name that now organizes events for mothers with their own company such as a WinterFair or networking events. Although the administration of her own business isn’t really Marijke’s thing, she loves to be in contact with all these moms and help them and learn from them herself. 

That’s her ultimate tip for other moms who want to start their own business: dare to work together. Dare to ask for tips or experiences from others. Become a member of a Facebook group for entrepreneurs, network and learn from each other.

Credits: Business Moms

Are you a business mom yourself or have you been inspired by a mother who runs a business? Let us know who your inspiration is and who knows she might be in the next mom boss article!

This article has been written by Stephanie De Vroe from @SMOTHERHOODS

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