These are the advantages of walking


The difficult months of self-quarantine aren’t over yet. But we have to try to keep a positive view on life. So here is Nasrien‘s positive thought: this is the perfect time to get rid of those excess fat rolls! Let’s go for a walk.

If you’re not really an athlete, you can of course start with something less intensive like: walking. I walk every day. Not only because I love it and it’s very soothing, but also because walking has a lot of advantages. 

I will list all the benefits of walking and it’s best to keep it for last: how many calories do you actually burn on such a hike? 

Walk towards the good in life and one day you will arrive

Hiking is very accessible

Most of us who have legs, can walk. So that’s an easy way of starting your walking journey. You don’t have to buy expensive sports equipment and you can do it anytime, anywhere. So there are no excuses. Except if there’s a certain illness or limited mobility of course.

If you aren’t used to walk a lot, or you’re not experienced in walking hikes, I recommend you to start with small distances around your home. If there’s a park nearby, you can walk around there. Otherwise you can maybe walk to the city? Walk to the bakery instead of taking your car and for some fresh air you can also easily walk around your own neighborhood.

Walking offers almost no risk of injury 

A pair of good walking shoes or a pair of high quality sports shoes and the risk of injury is virtually nil. Walking is a very natural thing that you do (almost) on a daily basis. This means that you don’t have to put any extra strain on your muscles. There are no jerky movements like you have with running. And if you decide to take a very long walk or one with hills, do a good warm-up and stretch afterwards.  

Hello healthy body, bye dirty diseases

I’d like to list why I keep up the daily walks, these in addition to the incredible overdose of energy from my dogs. 

– There’s a lighter risk of heart disease because you lower your blood pressure and your bad cholesterol. 

The risk of diabetes is reduced by almost 60%! It’s a fact that after a while your insulin sensitivity gradually decreases. 

– It is enormously good for your muscles and your bones. If you move more, your cartilage doesn’t become thinner, which prevents problems with the joints. 

– You’re less likely to forget things. Your brain remains active and this can even lead to a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease. 

– Do you have a house dust mite allergy or an allergy to animal hair, like me? Regular fresh air helps against those allergies. 


Walking will put a smile on your face

Did you know that walking has an enormous positive effect on your mood? If you’re not feeling well on a regular bases, or if you suffer from anxiety or depression, I have good news for you. I too can be down from time to time and walking always brings me back on top. This is because serotonin is produced while walking, which is also sometimes called the ‘happiness hormone’. The combination of nature and movement is perfect for an extra serotonin boost. 

No more bad sleep

Walking also stimulates your day and night rhythm. Your body knows when it needs to wake up, that’s because it sees and feels the light outside. It’s actually the same with going to sleep. When it gets dark, our body starts to produce more Melatonin, something that helps us to sleep and makes us tired. The movement in broad daylight therefore ensures that we are satisfied and crawl into our bed at night with a calm feeling. 

The start of a good basic condition

Do you want to do something about your condition in a calm, stable and safe way? You hear me coming, right? Go for a walk. You can build up your fitness level perfectly by planning a few walks a week. Start with a quiet walk of 30 minutes on a flat course, 2 or 3 times a week. Slowly you can walk more and longer.

Want to take up a challenge and try hiking up a mountain? Very good for a tight bump. Plus! You also get a boost every time you hike: your stamina and fitness will get a boost from the first time already. 

Discover new places 

There are many different apps where you can discover numerous hiking trails. This is what I like best: you get to the most beautiful places. Every hike can be completely different. You can look for peace and quiet in a forest, a park, the beach or along a river, but you can also just do a nice city walk. And pay attention to the changes that happen in the different seasons: beautiful. Sorry not sorry, but I’m loving those discoveries! 

And now what you all wanted to hear: this is how many calories you burn on a hike

With every form of exercise you burn calories, including walking. If you walk at an average pace of about 6 kilometres per hour, you will burn between 5 and 8 calories, depending on your weight and height. To make it concrete: you’ll burn about 300 calories when you walk for 50 minutes. 

You need to burn about 7,000 calories to get rid of 1 kilogram of body fat. So if you walk for 50 minutes every day, and you don’t change your diet, you already weigh more than 1 kg less after 25 days. How good is that? 

I don’t know what you’re gonna do, but I’m gonna put on my hiking boots and I’m out of here!

This article has been written by @NASRIEN CNOPS

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