These are Cindy’s favorite hotspots in Belgium that you need to know

Credits: Cindy Van Dyck

Our October theme was launched with great success! It seems you, just like us, can’t get enough of Belgian hotspots. To help you discover even more great food places, Cindy is sharing with you today her five favorite hotspots all over Belgium. Yes, both in Flanders and in Wallonia. So get your notes ready and be sure to save these addresses!

Nothing brings people together like good food.

De Witten Vos – Grote Markt 30, Mechelen

The first hot spot I share with you is also suddenly my parents’ favorite. Years ago, they had one of their first dates there and it’s a firm tradition to revisit monthly. To celebrate the wins of life, appreciate what we have as a family and of course discover their latest suggestions. Because they never disappoint us!

For example, for the month of October you have on the menu a delicious tenderloin with a shallot sauce, chicory in the oven, stuffed calamari with a Mediterranean sauce and so on. So at De Witten Vos you can enjoy classic French and Flemish dishes while overlooking the Grand Place of Mechelen. A cosy dinner is always guaranteed here!

Unwined – Steenweg 22, Mechelen

For you, can it all be a little more cozy or laid-back with a nice glass of wine in your hand? Then I recommend without a doubt UNWINED in the center of Mechelen. A two-minute walk from my favorite restaurant, De Witten Vos, you can reminisce about your night out in a homey atmosphere.

At UNWINED you will find a selection of the best wines, delicious tapas such as Camambert from the oven, Albondigas, Quiche and dates with bacon from the oven. But also be sure to try their charcuterie and cheese plates. They are delicious! Are you ready to unwind with a glass of wine

Bella Venezia – Chau. du Roi Baudouin 101, Mons

The newest restaurant I discovered during my last visit to Belgium is located in Mons, Wallonia. Bella Venezia has been recommended several times to a friend of mine, and I must say: after my visit, I completely understand why!

Bella Venezia is a 100% Italian restaurant where everything is freshly prepared. From their pasta to the starters and desserts, all the ingredients they use are imported directly from Italy. And you can taste that! We went for the gratinated eggplant with ricotta and basil for the appetizer. And for the main course, we each chose to discover their homemade pasta. This was prepared in a big ball of Parmesan cheese and then you could choose to add truffle or mushrooms. The best Italian cuisine I have ever had the pleasure of tasting!

Umami – Luikstraat 6, Antwerp

Are you more into oriental cuisine and stimulating your senses? Then Umami certainly can’t be missing from your list of restaurants! For more than nine years you can go there for the world’s best wines, cocktails and surprising dishes. And not only is their cuisine outstanding, the interior is also done to perfection. You feel like you’re in the middle of London or Hong Kong.

The concept is sharing. So you can constantly order new dishes. And my personal favorites? The edamame hummus with zaatar pita bread and the black tiger gyosa with red curry are indispensable. Also, without a doubt, you have to try their honey roasted peanut & avocado sushi. And finally, I fully recommend their tandoori lamb chops. This is served with roasted eggplants. Enjoy your food!

Roest – Antwerp

Quirky and original, these are the two characteristics that describe the restaurant ROEST in Antwerp. Located on “het Eilandje” you can come here for a pleasant evening with friends or your family.

Their menu is rather limited, but consists one by one of delicious dishes that will certainly surprise you in terms of taste. For example, on their dinner menu you have the Ravioli forest mushrooms with parmesan, arugula, truffle cream sauce and oil. Or you can opt for their classic: the ROEST burger. Both totally recommended! For dessert, you can choose between the Dame Blanche, a cheesecake with raspberry coulis, the Creme Brulee with blueberries or the chocolate cake. Which one will you choose?

In culinary terms, Belgium has a lot to offer! And we are sure you too have your personal favorites spots. Or do you have your own place you’d like to highlight this month? Then share them with us! You can contact us at

This article has been written by @CINDY VAN DYCK

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