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Nothing makes us happier at Blogzine than discovering new brands. And although there are a lot of scarves on the market, it’s often a challenge to find the perfect scarf that’s right for you and unique at the same time. But that is in the past now, because we recently met three designers who design beautiful (and sustainable) scarves. And best of all, they are all local brands!

A woman without a scarf is a woman without a future.
– Elizabeth Taylor

Sustainable Knitwear at Atelier Blush

Born in Ghent, Marie designs and makes sustainable scarves and sweaters for women, children and men. All designs are designed by herself and created in her studio. She started making her own scarves in 2019 because she couldn’t find anything in the commercial stores.

“It all started because of my need for a new winter scarf,

but all the scarfs they offered in the stores were just not my thing.

So I decided to make my own scarf”.

Marie tries to produce as ecologically and locally as possible. Currently she finds her knitting yarn in Italy and her collection consists mainly of natural baby alpaca wool. In her workshop she now has four machines manned by her, so she can make several scarfs or sweaters at the same time. Every piece that is made undergoes a quality check by Marie before she decides to sell it.

Ballet as a creative driver

I am a ballet dance instructor myself and I take these influences into account in my designs. They are based on very famous dancers like Giselle, Aurora and so on. The name Knitwear Atelier Blush also comes from the powder that dancers wear. For me I also associate the word blush with femininity, softness, beauty and color. They also fit perfectly with my personality and my work.

“I usually design scarves for myself. If I find something beautiful or good,

I work it out for my collection. That way my clients wear a piece of myself”.

Your design to order

Marie proposes a color palette per season from which you can choose to have your own sweater or scarf designed. Based on the chosen colors and model, she goes to work to design a personal sketch. Length and design of the sweater or scarf can all be discussed. For those who find it difficult to choose for themselves, Marie also has a range of standard sizes and color combinations. 

Journey around the world with Roseline D’Oreye

We got to know Roseline during a casual visit to Balthasar Brussels. During the first conversation it was immediately clear that Roseline has a lot of talent and even more inspiration. Later we discovered that every scarf she sells goes through a huge process from concept to manufacture.

Travel journal

Each journey Roseline documents elements in a sketchbook. No photos for her, she prefers to work with sketches of certain things and colors she sees. Photos frustrate even her because she thinks a lot of things are lost on photo. She wishes to be able to hold on to those emotions and small things as much and as long as possible. Before starting to sketch she used to write down her emotions. After she started sketching, she started writing less because she loved how vivid she could relive her travels through her sketches.

 “Photography frustrates me a lot. During my travels, I need to capture

all the things that happen and dissappear so quickly.

Drawing allows me more to make sure I have a certain colour or feeling

one hundred percents as I experienced it.”

Her emotions are carefully and precisely documented which takes her on a journey even long after she is back home. In the meantime her sketchbooks are full of beautiful drawings of the most exotic vacations. Those drawings she uses afterwards to shape her silk squares.

 “For me, my travel sketchbooks are a way of expressing how I feel while traveling.

Often I am so moved by a certain place or a certain journey

and I need to draw those emotions.”

Silk squares

Roseline isolates certain elements from her sketchbook. Sometimes they are impressions or parts of a building, birds or other animals that she doesn’t want to forget. Other times it is a certain dish or a typical cultural danse that leaves an impact on her. She places these items together in a collage in order to create a complete story.

The result is a beautiful work of art. A wearable, silk square that can be worn as a scarf, among other things. Besides the squares Roseline also experiments with other shapes such as ribbons that can be worn around the wrist, feet or a handbag. 

Authentic works of art

The silk squares are more than just a garment or an accessory. They are real works of art and there really is a complete process and train of thought behind them. Therefore, each work of art comes with its own certificate of authenticity and a personal text that gives more information. This text contains above all, in a poetic way, the feelings of Roseline during each journey. Each piece is also numbered and provided with a signature. 

A gallery hanging around your neck with LYL Belgium

Layal is a textile and fashion designer living in Brussels. Her goal is to bridge the gap between the world of art and fashion. Her inspiration comes from her travels around the world and her visits to museums and art galeries. She is mostly drawn to colourful works of art, that tell enticing stories.

“I get most of my inspiration and idea’s by looking at art.

This could be any kind of art, for example architecture,

sculpture, paintings, photography,…”

Goddess in the Scarf

For Layal’s first collection she collaborated with the Belgian artist Yves Ullens. Yves is a photographer who mainly brings abstract works. Her collection of silk scarves is based on 7 of his works. She translated them into 7 scarves, with a striking color mix and specific identity. 

Each scarf is her vision of a certain Greek Goddess. Her goal is that every woman who wears one of her works, feels as powerful and beautiful as the Goddess the scarf represents.

For example, the blue and pink scarf is associated with the goddess Athena. Layal chose these to colors to represent the Godess Athena because they are opposites. Athena is a warrior and the goddess of wisdom. And to have wisdom is to have balance in your life, like ying and yang. Pink is a very flirtatious and warm color, but blue is a very strong and steady color. Even though they are opposites and fight against each other like a war, somehow they balance each other out and become one, purple.

Because the collection mainly consists of monochromatic colours or simple and pure colour combinations, it is very wearable and durable. Not only are they easy to combine, the scarves are unlikely to go out of fashion and fit just about any clothing style. 

“I wanted my collection to be not only versatile but also universal and wearable

for several years. This way the pieces could be passed on to the next generation.

Silk is a pretty durable and timeless material that will never go out of style.”

Which of these three brands has completely convinced you? Or just like us, you can’t choose at all and you’d prefer to get them all? Of course you can! Whatever collection you decide to go with, you will make a Belgian designer very happy. And doesn’t that make wearing your new scarf even more fun and meaningful?

This article has been written by @ANGELO VERO in collaboration with Knitwear Atelier Blush, Roseline D’Oreye and LYL Belgium

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