The superfood bowls you definitely need to try

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This coming summer it will be two years since I started a healthier lifestyle. During this time I have discovered a tremendous amount of new ingredients and never before have I tried so many new recipes! Cooking became a pleasure again, also thanks to corona of course. And today I like to share with you my favorite superfood bowls.

They are easy to prepare, packed with vitamins and give you a good dose of energy to continue your day productively. Nowadays you can even find an abundance of inspiration from them online and Instagram profiles are full of these delicious bowls. But don’t get fooled, only the real raw food powders are the right basis for a healthy lunch or smoothie. And these are quite expensive, but totally worth it!

Now I can hear you thinking: “There are a lot of sugars in fruit, aren’t there? So is this still KETO?”. That’s right, fruits and vegetables contain both carbohydrates and sugars. But I have always been very honest about this; I will never give up my daily dose of fruit and vegetables. I do make sure that I mainly eat fruit that ends in -berries and a maximum of 1 banana per day. That way I don’t get an extreme dose of sugars every day. However I do get the right amount of vitamins my body needs.

These are the famous unicorn bowls

This is the most recent bowl I discovered in a small café in our capital, Brussels. Every day when we went to work in Brussels, I stopped for my portion of “unicorn” bowl. And when the lockdown had forced the restaurant industry to close, it was time to get started with my favorite bowls myself.

It was a long search, mainly for the blue variety of Spirulina (algae). This is because it was not only much more expensive, but simply harder to find. Therefore, I started with the green version, available at Holland & Barrett, for example.

This green one has a more bitter taste and really only needs a small teaspoon of powder to make your smoothie colorful. For the blue Spirulina, the flavor is less prominent and I took a small teaspoon.

Both bowls contain the following ingredients:

– 2 frozen bananas

– a handful of frozen blueberries

– 1/2 advocado

– 200ml almond milk

You mix the ingredients and can finish the bowls themselves with coconut, chia seeds, raspberries, dried banana slices and/or mango.

Credits: @cindyvandyck

Create your own dragon bowl with Pitaya

I discovered the pitaya or dragon bowl only a few months ago trough The Holy Berry and finding the right ingredients to mix was just a bit more difficult. Mainly because you read 1001 different versions on Pinterest too and I still opt for the healthiest possible mix. Luckily, I had my favorite brunch spot in Antwerp, Bubble Waffle Café, to lend me a hand. And so another great recipe was born!

And even though this bowl looks easy, you need a little more ingredients to prepare it. But this one is definitely worth it:

– One pack of frozen Pitaya

– Half a pack of frozen mango

– One hand of frozen raspberries

– One frozen banana

– 200ml almond milk

By the way, the pitaya bowl is hugely sweet, personally anyway for a KETO flavor palette. So I recommend not adding any syrup or other sweetener. After mixing, you can choose the finishing touch with slices of coconut, granola, kiwi, berries and strawberries.

Credits: @cindyvandyck

The famous açaí bowls

Açai bowls are probably the most famous superfood smoothies of the moment. I even already shared with you my açai pancakes recipe because I am so crazy about it!

And thanks to the easy, ready-to-use, frozen Açai pouches from The Holy Berry, your bowl is ready in just a few minutes. They are available at Delhaize and BioPlanet.

How to prepare them?
You take one of the sachets, mix everything together and add a spoonful of Greek or coconut yogurt. You can also add 200ml almond milk if you prefer not to use yogurt. Finish with your favorite seeds, granola and fruit.

Credits: @cindyvandyck

Are you also totally addicted to these healthy superfoods? Then be sure to share your inspiration or recipe so we can enjoy it together!

This article has been written by @CINDY VAN DYCK

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