The “Stay at home” guide made for men


Now that everyone has to stay at home, we’d better make the best of it. Whether that is cleaning your house over and over. Or planning an amazing trip for once the confinement is over. Whatever it is that makes you happy, just go for it! Angelo went looking for the perfect items to have at home in the coming weeks. 

“No thanks pants, I am working from home today”


Nowadays, every day feels like Sunday. And Sunday comes with comfy clothing. But comfortable doesn’t have to be ugly. With these items you can turn sitting at home into a fashionable party. Even if you are working from home your pyjama shirt is perfect if you want to host a video conference with your colleagues. You don’t even have to tell you aren’t wearing any pants!


Staying at home doesn’t have to mean you can’t travel, right? Use the following weeks to read up on the most beautiful destinations and make a list of countries you would like to visit. Or go for an online course to learn a new language. Complete the holiday feeling and transform your living room into a home spa. Move around all plants next to your favourite lounge chair. Put on some relaxing music and treat yourself with a soothing mask.

These are our favorite face masks for men: 

Healthy Body

All that inactivity is driving you crazy? It might be the ideal time to start exercising. Yoga is perfect for practicing at home. Or go for a half an hour of rope jumping, it seems to be very effective too. But if you prefer more action and movement, you can of course also go jogging or walking. Whatever you choose with these items you are completely settled. 

Healthy Mind

A healthy body also includes a healthy mind, because all that negative energy can become heavy in the long run. We found a couple of books that can help you keep your head cool and the atmosphere light-hearted. For more book ideas, visit our inspiration board here.

Let’s make the best out of this home-staying situation. Share your favourite activities at home with us at Or upload a cool video on your instagram about your favourite daily routine. And remember to #staypositive! 

This article has been written by @ANGELOVEROOFFICIAL

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