The Safe On Web App helps you to browse safely

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You probably know it, those unexpected emails from your bank or a message from the government. Often with a certain web link and a request to confirm the amount or your card. We call this phishing. A way of scamming people online. And we know it too! That’s why today we will discuss with you the way to avoid being scammed, thanks to the Safe On Web App.

Never open or respond to an unknown message

The scammers also tried to reach me

It’s no secret anymore, 99% of my time I’m online. Whether it’s for my job as Social Media Manager, to write articles for or to check my Social Media channels. And there’s a big chance that I’ll come into contact with fake mails, profiles or messages.

Especially when shopping online. These packages are often sent through the local shipping company. And then suddenly I got the message that I still have to pay a certain amount of money for the delivery of a package. The amount was not large, but it did ring a bell immediately. After all, there was no information about who the sender was, nor was I addressed personally.

So I wisely ignored the message and thought to myself “If I really have to pay it, they’ll send multiple reminders.” And those never came. The following days I saw notifications on Social Media that other people had received the same message.

Now you know that you are definitely not the only one! And the postal service is definitely not the last trick they try either. Think about notifications about taxes, the police, “Is it you in this video?” messages via Messenger, and so on.

The Safe On Web App

Now, of course, the question is: how do you distinguish the real messages from the fake ones? The answer is very easy: the Safe On Web App shares with you all the latest news about phising!

And installing it is quite easy. You download the app and allow it to give you notifications. You then get a notification on your phone only when a suspicious message makes the rounds. So you are always aware of what is currently being sent into the world!

Have you received a suspicious message yourself? Then you can also pass it on via the App and help other people. Next to that you can also daily check all the latest alerts on their website. So you can outsmart the phisher from now on!

Safety is also our priority for everyone we work with. We therefore recommend that you install the Safe On Web app as soon as possible. Because being forewarned is also being forearmed.

This post has been written by Cindy Van Dyck in collaboration with Safe On Web

16 responses to “The Safe On Web App helps you to browse safely

  1. Nice, this comes in super handy because these kind of annoying messages and emails pop up anytime and everywhere. So thanks for sharing this tip and article with us!

  2. Finally something great to be certain if we’re dealing with a scammer or not.
    I think this wil be much needed in the future as well because they seem to always find new and sneaky ways to scam people.

  3. Lijkt me een super handige app! Ik krijg zelf super vaak deze berichtjes maar laat me nooit vangen. Ik denk dat voor vele mensen deze app echt een musthave is.

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