The Mother’s Day beauty gift guide


Within exactly one week it’s Mother’s day. During a whole month we will dedicate several articles to all the amazing moms. And for this occasion, Joke Lehouck has created an inspirational beauty article full of gift ideas to spoil your mom with!

As I am a mother myself, I know that Mother’s day makes me feel extra happy. And to be honest, I don’t need an expensive gift that day. Neither something extremely special. I’m happier when I see that someone made the effort of personalizing their gift. But of course, we get older and sometimes don’t have the time, or energy, after work to create something special. Therefor I’ve created a list with beauty gift ideas that can fit for every type of woman.

With this guide you can choose a gift by the character of your mom. That’s also personal, right? You will avoid buying something random and at the same time make sure your mom has a little bit of extra me-time!

The adventurous mom

This type of woman loves to experiment with new products and styles. And the biggest new thing in beauty are products that are CBD (cannabis) based. You will of course not get high from this, but it makes your skin look absolutely beautiful.

This Essentials set “No Stress” is from a French brand ‘Ho Karan’. The set includes two products that will make you discover the advantages of Cannabis Sativa. Morning Miracle helps your eyes to wake up and the Amazing Oil is to nourish your face, beard, body and hair.

The classic mom

The classic mom is completely different from the adventures ones. She love their pearls, tweed jackets and sophisticated style. Classy and chic are two key words that are also shown in her product choices.

For a classic lady nothing is more perfect than the Chanel N°5. You can buy her the Eau The Perfume or go for a complete beauty such as they also have a bath line that includes body lotion, shower gel, oils, hair perfume,…

Other classic pieces are the red nail polish color 999 and red lipstick color 999 from Dior. As you know, Dior is very know for their beautiful beauty classics.

However, if you like to make a full Chanel box, you can also go for the Chanel 500 rouge essential nail polish and choose the color 444 Gabrielle for a beautiful lipstick shade.

She loves the basics

This mom is straight forward and doesn’t follow all the latest trends. She just wants the basic things that have proven over the last years that they worth their money. They don’t mind spending a little bit more on their ritual because they know that it’s worth it. The brands Sisley, Estée Lauder and Biotherm are real favorites for this type of woman.

Sisley Hydra Global

The Sisley hydra global anti-aging is the perfect product for this character. The basic in skincare is hydration and this product hydrates so intense that it makes the skin feel young again.

Estée Lauder Night Repair

The advanced night repair is the bestselling serum worldwide. It’s also the first serum which has ever been made. Estée Lauder now made a package where you can buy it together with a matching eye cream, day and night cream, and cleanser. The day and night cream is proven to show results after only eight weeks of use!

Biotherm Blue Therapy Line

Last but not least I also recommend the Biotherm ‘Blue Therapy’ line. Biotherm infuses all their products with algae from the French Pyrenees which rejuvenates the skin.

The Biotherm Red Algae set and anti-aging eye therapy are my two favorites from this specific line.

The all-in-one mom

Here we have someone who has no time in the morning or just doesn’t like to spend lots of time on her beauty routine. It’s perfectly understandable and also these moms deserve the best type of skincare products. 

Products such as a perfumed body lotion is always a great gift. In this way she can hydrate her body and have a soft scent of perfume at the same time.

The Chloé Signature body lotion is one of the products I recommend as a gift. It’s the classic Chloé fragrance which stands for stylish, individual and independent women. Another hydrating body lotion is the “Black Opium” from Yves Saint Laurent. This particular lotion makes the skin shine and reveals a soft coffee and white floral scent after applying it.

Last but not least you also have the Capture Youth age-delayed advanced cream from Dior. You can apply it on your face and eyes, and thanks to the thin texture you will have a comfortable protected skincare.

For the vegan and nature-loving mom

I think this type of mom speaks for itself. This lady is a big fan of natural products and/or is vegan. Luckily they are both super trending in 2020 and very popular amongst many beauty lovers. More people are actually getting self-conscious about the impact our behavior has on nature. And of course also our ecological foot print is an important fact we need to be aware of if we want to save the future.

The key brands in these niches are Clarins with their ‘My Clarins’ essentials kit. This set includes a set RE-BOOST refreshing hydrating cream, a RE-MOVE purifying cleansing gel and a RE-CHARGE relaxing sleep mask. Another brand is the home brand of Ici Paris XL, called “Nature“. All the products in this line completely vegan and cruelty free.

This article has been written in collaboration with @JOKE LEHOUCK

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