The most memorable personalized gifts for Fathers Day


Are you looking for a unique personalized gift to surprise your father? Then this guide is definitely something for you!

It is not always easy to find an original and personal Father’s Day gift that is also useful. In this article, we have listed some fantastic personalized gifts that you can buy. In this way you are sure to find a unique gift to surprise your dearest dad!

To the world you’re a father. But to our family you are the world

The wood lover

If you are looking for a unique handmade gift for your dearest father, you are at the right address at Houtenhuisjes.

Anka will make the house exactly to your wishes with lots of love and pleasure. Add a personal text or photo, and you have the perfect gift for father’s day. Do you have brothers or sisters? Then why not combine several houses in different sizes to create a lovely set of wooden houses. 

Credits: Houtenhuisjes

Handy daddy

For the handy dads, the has the ideal gifts, namely wooden hammers or folding rules, with a nice text. This way, your father thinks of his darling every time he starts a new building project. There are gifts not only for the builders among the dads but also for many other hobbyists. Is your daddy a real chef? Then you can choose from a nice wooden spoon or kitchen apron. The options are endless, and there is something for everyone. 

Credits: Strikboetiek

The photo lover

If you don’t want to participate in the gift-buying but would like to let your father know that you are thinking about him, then Like in a box is the ideal solution. They have something between a personalized gift and a postcard that your dad can cherish and keep all his life. All you have to do is upload a beautiful photo, emoji, and text, and Like in a box, makes sure a quality product is delivered. Another plus is that no one has to be at home when the package is delivered as it fits in the mailbox. We already think this is an excellent alternative to a postcard. 

The organizing daddy

For all the fathers who like to have everything in order, the super nice wooden boxes of Anne- Wil are a must. These can be engraved with your text, made of durable wood, and available in different types. This way, you give a useful gift with a personal touch. To make the gift even more personal, you can always order a wooden souvenir box and fill it with all the best memories. Success guaranteed!

Credits: Anne-Wil

The all arounder dad

If you have no idea what to buy for your father, take a quick look at Pitou- kado. Here you will find a whole range of personalized gifts that will always come in handy. A nice cup, a pen, or a wooden beer crate with original labels to stick on beer bottles, you’ll find it all here. This way, you give a personalized, unique gift so that no one else can imitate you. We are already fans of the fun labels!

Credits: Pitou-Kado

A simple gesture

We end with a simple gesture that usually means the most to the dads. Use a beautiful little card from Ploek and write a sweet small text on it to make it complete. This way, you let them know that you are thinking about them without buying gifts. Because if we are honest, sometimes it is not always easy to find a suitable gift for a man and with this solution you are sure your dad will like it. 

Now that we have written down this personalized Father’s Day gift guide, you have no excuse anymore not to buy an original gift. Let us know what your favorites are and with which present you will make your dad happy with. 

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