The most durable gifts for Mother’s Day


If you ask your partner or mom what she wants for Mother’s Day, you will definitely get the answer: “I don’t need anything. I’m already happy with a children’s drawings”. Okay, this is definitely not a lie. But mommy’s will be a little happier and surprised when they get a durable gift next to that drawing. No idea what to give? Mom blogger Stephanie will show you the most fun and durable gifts a mommy will be happy with.

Behind every great kid is a great mom

1. Sustainable Yoga mat from Captain Cork

Sometimes Mommy just needs some rest. Thanks to Captain Cork’s Yoga mat we don’t have to go outside for this anymore. This yoga mat is a must have for every yogi who loves nature. Thanks to the cork leather material he gives himself to the ideal yoga mat.

Nature colored yoga mat, €129.00

2. A personal message for mom

This unique memory-shelf is the it – part of webshop ‘Mini me’. Besides the fact that it simply looks incredibly beautiful it is a 100% ecological product. The board is made of MDF – wood, which means that it has been compressed together by waste wood. Combined with dried flowers and a card of your choice, this makes it a winner as a mother’s day gift.

Mini-me Memory Shelf, €27.95

3. Gift a breast milk jewel

For many breastfeeding mothers, this period was one of the most intense moments ever. When they stop breastfeeding, many mothers look back at it with homesickness. But did you know that this special and loving period can be captured by a breast milk jewel? The prices depend on what kind of jewel you buy and are quite pricey. But I can assure you that any mummy who gets this will be very surprised and happy.

So Lilly breast milk jewelry, ask the webshop for prices.

4. Personalized birth posters

The highlight of a mom’s life is the birth of her child. So a gift dedicated to this is always nice to receive. These birth posters are really in at the moment. Personalise your poster with birth details and magic your poster in every step.  

At the moment they are having a fun promotion on the occasion of Mother’s Day so you only pay €39 instead of €60. Visit to discover all kind of posters.

5. The Mommy nursing bag

Every mommy deserves a Mommy bag from the brand Childhome. Thanks to this diaper bag you show off your status as a mommy every minute of the day. The bag comes from a Belgian brand and has multifunctional purposes. The bag is spacious so it can be used for several things. Going to work out, or a day at the park. The fashionable bag is ideal for this. As Nathalie Jaqmain, the designer of the Mommy bag herself says: “Fashion is a passion, also for babies”.

Mommy bag from Child Home, €109.00

6. Flowers boxes and balloons

Would you like to surprise Mommy with a flower, but are you going to take it to the next level? Then the flower boxes from Célique and Sinderellareally are the ideal gift! You will support no less than two entrepreneurs in buying such a flower box. The principle is simple. You combine fresh flowers with beautiful balloons. The results are already breathtakingly beautiful. Fill in the order form on the website and have this beautiful flower box delivered to your home.Prices depend on the type of flowers and box you choose.

The boxes start from €65 and can be ordered through

7. Create a spa at home

Transforming the shower moment like you’re in the Spa? You can! With the Renewing Collection of Rituals. Maybe not such an original gift but definitely fun to get. The luxurious packaging contains a body cream, a shower gel, an exfoliating scrub and scented sticks. The ideal combination to de-stress after a hard day’s work with the kids.

Rituals Renewing Collection, €39,90

8. Surprise her with a mocktail box

We all raise strong independent children, so we deserve a strong drink once in a while. Does your mom prefer something non-alcoholic? Then The Mocktail club’s gift box. This box contains two kinds of mocktails with matching garnish. In addition, you also get two mocktail glasses.

The Mocktail club’s gift box, €32.50

9. A personal jewerly

The ‘Proud mom bracelet’ collection of Mamaloves x Carolien Spoor also deserves a place here. In this unique bracelet collection you process the composition of your family. Whether you’re a boysmom or girslmom, or even both, the collection processes this in a fashionable way so you always wear your children close to you.

Mama Loves x Carolien Spoor bracelet, €44.95 

10. The coolest coffee mug

Mommy’s day doesn’t start well until after that first cup of coffee. Preferably before we’re disturbed. We all know those cliché coffee mugs you find everywhere. But these coffee mugs from Mama Baas are not only a little less cliché, they visualize perfectly for the offspring when they can count on mommy again. A win – win for everyone.

Mamabaas shopt mug, €11,99

This article has been written by Stephanie De Vroe from @SMOTHERHOODS

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