The most addictive game apps you need to know


After a week of lockdown, a lot of you probably received a message that your screentime on your phone is much higher than usual. Normal in these times, I guess. If you’re tired of scrolling and want some more entertainment: here is a list of addictive game apps that you probably didn’t know about yet.


I’ve only just discovered Kryss, but it’s really addictive and the game brings out my winning instincts. You play against someone else (it can be some stranger but you can also challenge someone you know). Actually, you compete against each other in the same crossword puzzle. You get 5 letters every turn and try to put those letters in the crossword puzzle within a minute.

Goal: outsmart your opponent and put as many letters as possible in your turn to score bonus points.


This game is ideal to stimulate your brain activity. A Nonogram is a Japanese numerical puzzle that you need to solve to reveal an image.

At first it seems really complicated, but if you play the first practice rounds, you’ll learn it very quickly. This game is perfect to train your brain and get smarter in these tough times.


If you like sudoku and block puzzles, this game is the perfect combination of the two. This app is also prefect to train your brain and reduce your stress.

You have to make sets of blocks in rows and squares to get rid of them. The aim is to keep the board as empty as possible by making the right combinations.

The nice thing about this game is that there is no time pressure, so you can easily think about your next move. I have been playing this game for so many hours that I must have become much, much smarter. Beat this Einstein.

Dumb Ways To Die

The title doesn’t bode well, but actually it’s a very funny game.

In this app you can play 82 hilarious mini games, where you have to save your characters from a stupid death. Make sure you knock through all the wasps before it’s too late, carefully remove a fork from a toaster or flick the piranhas out of range of those private parts.

Perfect your dumb-death prevention skills. It’s pretty hilarious.

Plague Inc.

This one is one to stay in theme. This game is a mix of high strategy and terrifyingly realistic simulation.

Your pathogen had just infected ‘Patient Zero’. Now You must bring about the end of human history by evolving deadly, global plague whilst adapting against every humanity can do to defend itself.

Fun fact: After the outbreak of the coronary pandemic, Plague Inc. became the best-selling game in China. In February 2020, the game was removed from the Chinese Apple App Store after it was deemed illegal by the government.

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