The good weather is here, time for ice cream


Spring is in full swing and so is the good weather. And with good weather comes ice cream, of course. Fortunately, there are novelties in ice cream land. Here is an overview of the latest treats for young and old. Because who said ice cream is only for kids?

Ola conjures favorite Disney heroes to life

Disney fans’ dreams are finally coming true. Ola and Disney are joining forces and announcing a new range of ice creams in which the most beloved Disney icons come to life. Disney characters such as Frozen, Spider-Man and Star Wars are poured into an adventure ice cream.

Ola is very committed to spreading happiness to all their customers. Therefore, the partnership with Disney is the perfect match! There is little that brings more joy and happiness to the world than the hilarious stories and characters we see in Disney’s iconic movies. So with the new range, the aim is to share that joy with everyone who loves the characters. The new Disney ice creams are available in the supermarket from now on.

Comeback of the Peace Pop

Cookie dough’s founder Ben & Jerry’s is celebrating 30 years of peace, love and cookie dough with the brand new Peace pop. The popular flavor is now available on a stick. The ice cream consists of fair trade vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips and cookie dough in the shape of a peace sign. The Peace pop is coated with a soft chocolate layer, and lovingly placed on a stick to take with you wherever you go.

The peace, love and cookie dough rounds were first created in 1988 by the founders of Ben & Jerry’s to campaign for peace initiatives in the US. It is important to continue to stand up for peace, justice and equality today. So the new ice cream is a nod to the original Peace Pop. But that’s not all, the ice cream’s sugar, cocoa and vanilla are fully fair trade certified. In addition, the colorful packaging is made of 88% paper. Ben & Jerry’s calls for you to throw the packaging away with the old paper. That way, the packaging is completely recyclable.

Magnum launches premium flavor Double Gold Caramel Billionaire
According to Magnum, a day without indulgence is a lost day. Everyone should be able to pursue that which gives pleasure, whatever that may be. Hence the launch of the Double Gold Caramel Billionaire! With this new “golden” Magnum, the brand wants to inspire ice cream lovers to enjoy the small moments of happiness.

The Double Gold Caramel Billionaire consists of four luxurious layers. The heavenly combination includes crackling natural golden caramel chocolate, crunchy cookie, salty caramel sauce and two types of twisted ice cream. With a velvety blend of pecan and cookie ice cream, Magnum creates a unique taste to satisfy moments of sweet desire. All this under the motto: “pleasure has more than one layer”.

May it be good weather every day please! What ice creams are you eager to taste? Let us know on instagram! 

This article has been written by ANGELO VERO in collaboration with OLA

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