The end of the classic employer-employee relation


Earlier this week, Angelo Verroeye from Blogzine, had an interview with Ellen Van den Branden, creator of Destination and Time2Reconnect. Among other things, we talked about the challenges companies are facing. As a company manager, HR manager or team leader, it’s now or never to intervene. 

I firmly believe that the human wins over the classic employee experience

Employees are at their wits’ end. Everyone has had enough of online apero moments and virtual team buildings. Everyone yearns for recognition, personal connection and, above all, emotional connection. As a business leader, seeing your employees as people and helping them grow in all areas of their lives is a great step forward in your company’s long-term vision. 

It is important to be able to assess very well what needs everyone has and where support is needed in order to do his/her job with motivation and pride. And this is only possible by asking the right questions and continuing to ask about the well-being of your people. Reading their non-verbal communication is crucial here. A mainstream approach is deadly in the long run. Each person experiences this covid situation in his/her own way. Every home situation is also completely different: one has whiny children, another lives in a tiny flat, …

The future is personal

As a leader, you have to respond to the INDIVIDUAL needs. Because of the virtual world we live in today, we unconsciously create a great distance. Call your people, write them a personal card, visit them and go for a walk, … Let your employees know that it is okay to be human. We have seen the inside of each other’s houses, heard our colleagues’ children cry, heard dogs bark, and much more. So create a space, a safe haven, where your employees can and may express themselves. So let’s DARE… let’s dare to be emotional, let’s dare to be vulnerable, let’s dare to press ‘stop’.

– Therefore, focus on ENERGY in all its facets: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. 

– Support your employees to live a more fulfilling life, which will help them to become a more productive version of themselves in their work.

Tailor-made solutions for companies

In addition to Time2Reconnect, Destination offers tailor-made solutions for companies, ranging from in-company wellness projects to experience weekends for groups and/or individuals. Thanks to our twenty years of experience in this ‘people’ business, we have built up a huge network and can work in a very targeted and personal way. 

Some of the challenges companies face, with possible solutions as examples:

– A team leader wants to be able to respond to what is happening in his team, but finds it difficult to read their non-verbal communication. Solution: A session with our non-verbal communication coach.

– A number of employees suffer from back / hip / neck problems. Most likely, their workplace at home is not optimal.  Solution: A session with our ergonomic therapist/osteopath. 

– Normally you invite your employees annually for a weekend or incentive, but given the current situation, this does not seem possible now. Solution: A gastronomic glamping experience in the garden of your employees, fully customised for them…

Organisations that support human leadership report 106% more energy at work, 50% higher productivity, 64% more engagement, 67% more confidence and 29% more overall satisfaction with their lives.

Would you like to brainstorm about what is going on in your organisation and how we as Destination and/or Time2Reconnect can offer a solution? Ellen would be happy to come by for a brainstorming walk…

The full ( Dutch) interview can be listened to again here.

You can always reach us by phone at 0477/66.66.73 or visit our web pages: Destination and Time2Reconnect.

Be strong, keep on smiling, Ellen

This article has been written by Ellen Van den branden for Time2Reconnect

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