The effects of horse coaching on your state of mind


The more online and virtual, the more robotization and automation, the more need to be together. People crave empathy, support, appreciation, but also creating and maintaining meaning, dealing with dilemmas and paradoxes.

Stress and anxiety are omnipresent in today’s society, and aside from being unpleasant, there are many dangerous health risks associated with it. Stress-related heart attacks, anxiety, depression and high blood pressure are on the rise across the country. Suicide rates are up, more people are on medication to deal with their emotions, and many struggle to get even a decent night’s sleep. 

Horses reach into your soul, pull out the good and heal what isn’t

The road to happiness and success should be a happy one where everyone is allowed and able to be themselves. Where everyone feels stimulated to give the best of themselves. There is a saying that “horse people are stable people”.  That may hold a lot of truth. 

Horses have 60 million years of experience with social interaction which makes them masters of bringing you in touch with yourself in the here and now. They are the mirror of your soul. Through their sensitivity in feeling and behavior they stimulate our own inner person.

The positive advantages of horse coaching

There are many advantages to using a horse for coaching. Below are a number of valuable experiences that will also be lived during our experience weekends:

– A horse does not judge. This makes it easier to open up yourself and be more vulnerable. 

– Because horses mirror your behavior, you instantly see the effect of your behavior. 

– Horses directly sense how you feel. Putting on your mask or a chitchat won’t work with them. 

– A horse is always in the here and now. By being near a horse, you too will more easily be in the here and now. You get out of your head and deep dive into your feelings. 

– A horse has a large resonance surface in its intestines. This ensures that the horse can feel a lot. 

To top that up, equi-coaching is outside in nature. This means you’ll breathe in the fresh air and feel the wind and sun on your skin. The power of nature combined with the dynamics of the horse, makes it a unique experience!

Would you also like to experience horse coaching? Then take a look at our Time2Reconnect webpage and discover all the exciting things that are on the program during our experience weekends.

This article has been written by Ellen Van den branden for Time2Reconnect

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