The Dior Make-Up Spring must haves

A beautiful collection, wrapped in a padded pouch, brought light into the colder winter day back in February. And now that the first rays of sunshine hit our faces, it’s time to bring out the must haves of the Dior Make-Up Spring Collection. Because yes, Spring is here!

A soft breeze is flowing through our hair, the wine is being poured in a glass while sitting in the sun and it’s the perfect time to spend more moments outside on our terraces or with a walk through the park. And while we enjoy the first rays of sun, we’re also preparing our skin for the upcoming season. Do you love a natural make-up look for Spring? Then this is going to be your ultimate Beauty guide during the next few weeks. Brought to you by Dior Make-Up.

Happiness is the secret to all beauty. There’s no beauty without happiness.

– Christian Dior

Dior Backstage Lip Glow and Blush

In the Dior Beauty collection you find a lot of different make-up and skincare products. However, today we’re focusing on the essentials to create a natural glow. Therefor let’s start to talk about the base of having a perfect skin: hydrate it and give it love! The Dior Make-Up Capture Youth – Plump Filler Serumis therefore the best hydration serum you can possibly think of. Apply it before covering your face with any make-up or mix it with your foundation to have a hydrated skin all day. An extra bonus: the serum also slows signs of ageing.

After applying your hydrating serum, you can start with the actual make-up. In Spring I always start to reduce the use of my foundation as I’m starting to get a tan and I simply love to let me skin breath. However, without foundation you need to have the right products to make sure your natural glow is showing off to the world!

Therefore I’m going to introduce you to three basics that everyone needs in their beauty case: the Dior “Lip Glow Oil“, “Lip Glow Balm” and the Dior “Rosy Glow Blush“. The Blush and Oil are available in different shades so it matches your skin tone perfectly.

The Dior “Lip Glow Oil” is available in six other colors, nourishes the lips, has cherish-oil as an ingredient and adds a subtile touch of color to your lips. This means that you actually don’t have to wear a thick layer of lipstick. And don’t we all want a natural make-up look? Also the “Rosy Glow Blush” comes in different tones: 001 Pink and 004 Coral, and will give you the cutest cheeks ever. Pinky promise!

Dior Skin Forever Foundation

However, for the those who love to add some foundation to their beauty look: choose a light covering foundation. This will allow your skin to keep breathing and that the pores aren’t getting clogged or irritated. The Dior Skin Forever Foundation”, available in 36 different shades, is the foundation you’ve been looking for! It doesn’t dehydrate your skin, lasts up to 24hours and has a matte finishing. A Dior “Forever Skin Glow” is also available if you prefer to have a shining finishing touch.

To complete your natural Spring make-up look, you can use the Dior Forever Skin Correct Concealer. This specific concealer creme comes in 30 shades, covers up to 25hours and hydrates your skin. Choose one or two tones lighter than your foundation, apply it underneath your eyes to cover up the black circles, use it underneath your eyebrow for a fresh eye look and make sure you shine all day!

Now it’s your turn to create a natural make-up look and to show the world how beautifully hydrated your skin is thanks to the tips and tricks in this article. I’ve personally tested them myself and up till today I’m still using the all of these products on a daily base. So now that I’ve shared my beauty secret with you, can you tell me yours? Share it in the comments or join us on our Social Media channels to stay connected!

This article has been written by @CINDYVANDYCK

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