The cutest gifts for the end of the school year


The school year went completely different than we expected. But that doesn’t mean that teachers didn’t work hard. On the contrary. The last few months they may not have been physically present and I admit, as a mom I had a hard time too. But I am aware of all the work the teachers have had. So I personally think that this school year the teachers deserve a little present as well, maybe more than usual.

Please note: a gift does not have to be expensive. Something homemade can also be nice. Remember, the gesture sometimes means more than the cost you give it. Every child has his or her talent. So try to provide something tailored to your child. Maybe your child likes to bake? Then bake something together for the teacher. If your child hates to paint, don’t let him or her make a painting. Don’t forget that the teacher knows your child well enough.

The influence of a good teacher can never be erased

No time to start crafting yourself? Fortunately, there are plenty of other options. Cute gifts that you can buy online in no time. Don’t you want to be the one more with a classic piece of chocolate? Well then I have some nice, creative suggestions here.

1. Personalized in wood

On the websiteFeestje in Houtyou will find incredibly cute gifts that are personalised.A nice key ring with a sweet text or a ruler, because honestly every teacher uses these for one reason or another, right?

Credits: Feestje in Hout

2. Give a book gift

There are lots of books online for the sweetest teacher. Read aloud books but also fill in books. The book “Bedankt juf/meester” is one of my favorites. It is a textbook with questions about the teacher and that your child can fill in. What does the teacher smell like? What would you put on her if she was a pizza? The book provides a lot of nice answers and is illustrated with beautiful drawings.


3. A gift voucher 

It may seem a bit boring at first, but the teacher will certainly be happy with this. It is common knowledge that the teacher takes care of the material in the classroom and often buys and pays for things herself. So why not a nice gift voucher from a bookstore or the toy store? Bet you that the teacher will be very happy with this?

4. Personal but useful 

At Babygoodies Shop they have a whole range of fun, personal and above all useful gifts. Over the years your teacher will have received a lot of presents, but how about a fluorine cardigan with a name? Or a trendy drinking bottle?

Credits: Babygoodies

5. Mix of own creations 

Wouldn’t you rather give something homemade with the touch of a gift? Take a look at the website of Tadaaz. Here they offer, among other things, cookie boxes, flowerpots, and more. How about, for example, homemade biscuits that are put in a nice box?

Credits: Tadaaz

Did you get inspiration from this article? Or do you have any suggestions of your own? Then be sure to let us know in the comments or through Social Media (

This article has been written by Stephanie De Vroe from @SMOTHERHOODS

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