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Life with 2 small children can be quite feisty. Add in a couple of weeks of quarantine and feisty becomes challenging and maybe even despair at times. All jokes aside, it’s not easy to always find new activities or games to keep your children busy. Of course, classics like Duplo, puzzles, cars and dolls are always super fun to play with. But we at Blogzine want to show you some of the coolest toys that are a little bit more original and that will provide hours and hours of playing fun!

Playing gives children a chance to practice what they’re learning

Have a ball

One of my boys’s absolute favorite is the Misioo ball pool. They just go absolutely wild in it and they like to bury themselves under a ton of balls. Or they take a long running leap and launch themselves in the pool like little canon balls. 

There are a lot of ball pools to choose from but if you’re like me and always looking for toys that are fun but also stylish, then I can really recommend the ones from Misioo. They come in all kinds of nice colours like light grey, soft pink, mint, navy… You can also buy one with some fun, little polka dots on it, with a geometric scandinavian-like pattern, with a marble print or even in velvet. The pools are made out of soft foam so that your little ones can’t hurt themselves. And the cover is machine washable which is a real must with all those sticky, little hands and spilling accidents!

The balls are available in a large range of colors, going from plain black and white, to pastel purple, duck blue and even light gold. Finally, to make it even more exciting, you can even add a little slide to it. I mean, how cool is that?!

This ball pool really finishes off every children’s bed- or playroom but since it matches our interior perfectly we have put in our living room. That way, the boys can dive into it as much as they want. At, you can find almost their whole gamma.


Jump till you drop!

Who can’t remember how much fun it was jumping up and down on a bouncy castle until you were out of breath and fell down screaming with laughter. So this is really the perfect toy to install in your garden, especially now that the weather is getting better. I already bought one last summer and my oldest son absolutely loved it. Even older kids will still enjoy this.

You have them in all kinds of different shapes and price ranges. Some are quite expensive but you can also find some cheaper ones. On most webshops an electric blower is included but if not, make sure to order one too. 

We have one that’s not too big so it’s inflated in less than 5 minutes! When your kids are still quite young, you might want to consider buying one with a litte slide. This will prevent your kids from falling off the castle. 

I bought our bouncy castle at but unfortunately, due to the current measures, they’ve closed their webshop. But there are still a lot of other webshops where you can buy one!


Fishing fun

Obviously, we can’t go to a carnival right now. So why don’t you let the carnival come to you instead? Nothing cooler for your toddlers than fishing for ducks in their own backyard, right?! 

The Belgian brand Scratch has this super cute set of 6 little ducks and 2 wooden fishing hooks. All you have to do now is fill a big tub with water and let the games begin! You can make it more exciting by writing some points on the bottom of each duck, just like they do at the carnival. Whoever gets the most points wins a beautiful price!

Credits: Scratch

Little Mozart

Also a big hit – pun unintended – is this little digital piano that I bought for my kids. It’s made out of wood and you have them in different designs. The sound is also really nice and some simplified music scores for 4 popular children’s songs are included. A great feature is that the piano goes into sleep mode after 2 minutes so the batteries won’t go flat too fast. 

Another wonderful way of introducing your kids into the world of music in a very playful way is the Rainbow colors giant piano mat which is no less than 180cm long. The colorful keys really invite your kids to just run and jump around to make their own tunes. 

You can choose between 8 different instrumentsounds and there are 10 prerecorded songs. The music cards that are included will help you to learn how to play songs like happy birthday, jingle bells, Old MacDonald and many more. You can even record your own song and listen to it afterwards. Just like the piano it automatically goes into sleep mode after a while. The mat can be used everywhere: just fold it and put it down to play wherever you want. This is the perfect toy to let your kids explore their musical skills and to keep them moving at the same time.

Credits: Janod & Rainbow Colors

Twinkle Twinkle…

Everyone probably remembers those drawing boards with an eraser bar: within seconds you could restart again with something new. Well, a glow in the dark drawing board is kind of a variation to that. Your kids can draw their most beautiful creations with a special LED pen and it will light up in the dark. It will feel like magic to them! After a few minutes, the drawing will dissapear. Of course, your little artists can let their imagniation run wild to draw something but they can also use one of the different stencils. This will really stimulate their creatitvity and their drawing skills. 

You can even have them make secret messages! Each pen is also a marker so you can draw or write something on a piece of paper but you can only see it when you turn the LED light on. Mysterious much…


Gonna catch them all!

This game is so simple and yet it’s so much fun! It’s based on Hippo hap but instead of hippos there are only 2 frogs facing eachother. The goal however remains the same: to try and ‘eat’ as many balls as you can! Other than the hippos who only opened their mouth, these frogs really jump towards the balls which is a fun, little feature. My oldest son hasn’t stopped playing with it from the moment he got it so it’s safe to say that he absolutely loves it!

Credits: Flying Tiger

Now that you’ve discovered the favorite toys of Suryani‘s kids, we would love to know your favorites!

Share them in the comments or on our Social Media pages. Enjoy the playing fun!

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