The best Spring outfits for your kids


Our fashion inspiration isn’t only for women and men. Today we’re also sharing fashion for kids. With a selection of the best Spring outfits for your daughter, Stephanie is making sure that all the kids are ready to shine during quarantine!

Stephanie is our kids column writer and mom-blogger. On she shares her personal stories with us about life with her daughter Annabel. And as she’s preparing Annabel’s Spring closet, Stephanie decided to share with us her must haves for this season!

Hello nice outfits, hello life!

I have to admit, the first week in quarantine we often kept walking around in our pajamas. When we went outside, we took the first items of clothing we found, which in the end didn’t fit together at all. What did it matter? Nobody saw us anyway. But the fact is, if you don’t bother to get dressed and take care of yourself, you soon feel lifeless. With Spring being in the country and another week in quarantine, it’s time to get back together. Hello nice outfits, hello life! And at the same time, this lockdown is the ideal excuse to upgrade our wardrobe.

Given the corona situation, I don’t intend to spend a lot of money. In these times I let Annabel play outside as often as possible, which is accompanied by grass spots and broken knees. So the clothes I choose today should be comfortable, not too expensive, but they should look nice. And since all physical stores – or at least most of them – in Belgium are closed, I only chose stores where you can order online.

1. Tommy Hilfiger Jacket, €118,99 // 2. Billieblush grey jeans jacket, €59,99 // Zadig & Voltaire denim jacket, €134,99

Get that jeans jacket out of the closet

Admit it, that jeans vest in your closet screams for the warmer Spring days. I’ve been looking forward to trading in my thick winter jacket for this thin one for a whole year. Meanwhile, Annabel has also finished her range of jeans jackets, because nothing completes a Spring outfit like the jeans jacket.

Nowadays you also have very nice variations in these jackets, just think of pastel colors and cool motifs that complete the outfit.

Ruffles all day

Clothes with ruffles will also be back this Spring. They make the outfit more playful and stylish. Of course we don’t want our kids to be seen as some kind of clown, although they sometimes are in our eyes, that’s why I chose these pieces.

One small detail: keep in mind that these garments are not easy to iron. If you are a parent who is not consistent in drying the garments and is rather inclined to collect a collection of clean clothes in a laundry basket for about three weeks, don’t buy it. It’s best to dry these garments on a coat rack, which reduces time spend on ironing!

1. 3 Pommes bomber jacket, €54,99 // 2. 3 Pommes orange t-shirt, €17,50 // 3 Pommes denim shorts, €30,-

Save time with ready-made outfits

We all waste a lot of time looking for the right outfit, even as adults. At the age of two, my daughter already had a very large selection in her wardrobe. And although I am not going to give up my addiction to shopping, I complain to myself that it takes me so long in the morning to find two suitable outfits together.

That’s why every Sunday evening I provide time for this as well. While Annabel’s dad puts her in the bath, I’m about thirty minutes ahead of her as I’m dressing outfit for the whole week to come. This saves me a lot of time during busy mornings. Buying ready-made outfits is the ideal solution during this period!

Farewell dark, hello color!

The best thing about Spring is the vibrant colors you see everywhere. In nature the first flowers appear, the sun is there and it allows us to wear more than just a few winter shades. Instead of that we can now go for bold prints, beautiful vibrant colors and fun designs. Farewell dark, hello colour. 

Nothing is more fun than to see all the colorful prints appearing in the shop windows and therefore also in Annabel’s wardrobe. Don’t you think too?

1. Absorba striped t-shirt, €26,50 // 2. Absorba Denim dungarees, €51,- // 3. Billieblush Bikini, €35,-

Now that’s you’ve discovered Stephanie’s favorite Spring items, which ones are your must haves? Share it in the comments or on our Social Media. The next kids fashion will be for the little boys. Stay tuned and don’t forget to visit for more cute Spring clothes!

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