The best Mother’s Day gifts under 50 euros


Still don’t know what to buy for your mom? Is it stressful for you to choose a gift? Are the gifts always too expensive? Do you want to make your mum happy and give the best gift while on budget? Then we have the solution for you! 

To the world, you are a mother. To our family you are the world.

If there is anyone in this world who deserves something special, it is definitely Mum. Although many of us will not be able to hold our mothers tightly for the second year in a row, we can still honor her with a thoughtful gift. So, this year, we’re thinking outside the box and opting for unique Mother’s Day gifts that will delight her. Here are some great ideas for Mother’s Day gifts under 50 euros!

Hometown map necklace

During Corona, some of us miss our homeland and it may become even more difficult to go back to our country and our family. With this gift, you bring the country to your mother, not literally. Your mom can have a piece of het country with her. How sweet is this? With a gift like this, you would definitely not disappoint your mom and it’s only €25,95 on Nominal.

Credits: Nominal

Personalized cutting board

Since mothers now spend more time at home and probably also cook more, we think this gift is a very nice idea for Mother’s Day! It lets you know that it’s only her kitchen and that entering is at your own risk, just kidding. You can now buy this original gift for your mum from €30 on Etsy

Credits: Etsy

Macrame Indoor Pot Hanger

Does your mother love flowers and plants? And don’t you want to simply and unoriginally buy a flower bouquet? Then we have the perfect gift! Gift her one of these handmade macrame pot hangers, she will love it! It is not impossible to buy this, but be quick. You can get your hands on these for €28 on Etsy. We are telling you; your mom would love it, just trust us!

Credits: Etsy

Massage tool

Telecommuting or working in general can cause your mother to experience severe cramps in her neck. If your mother suffers from this as well, then we recommend you buy this massage tool, she will certainly be grateful for a daughter or son like you. Of course, she can also use it for her back and her feet. This is also the most expensive in our list of gifts, but it is definitely worth it. Your moms face will light up when she sees this gift. You can buy it on Amazon for €49.99.

Credits: Amazon

Chocolate Nation 

Does your mother like chocolate? Then I am sure she will love this gift. Whoever says Belgium, immediately thinks of chocolate. Belgian chocolate is world famous. Buy her a ticket to Chocolate nation in Antwerp. They say Chocolate makes people happy, now she will be doubly happy! The largest Belgian chocolate museum in the world is in Antwerp. It’s probably even better than the Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory, I said what I said. A ticket costs €16,95 for an adult. and it’s going to be worth every penny. Let us know how it was, we would love to hear it!

Credits: Chocolate Nation

Your Custom Star Map

Catch the night sky of a special moment you and you mom have and a moment you always want to remember. This could also be her birthday. Everyone is obsessed with stars and the night sky, but to have the stars alignment of that special day, we think it’s pretty cool! It will also look really beautiful on the wall of her favorite room. You can also put a cute little note under the stars and can choose the color of the paper.

They’re available at Etsy for 24,99€

Your gift for your mom should be just as unique as her. We suggest you to not only buy gifts for her during Mother’s Day, but every now and then, because she deserves it! And remember, the best Mother’s Day gifts are the ones that bring a smile on her face.

This article has been written by our intern Arya Baqiri

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