The best destinations for backpackers

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Backpackers all over the world have one thing in common: they can always be found for a fun conversation with other travel addicts. Sharing stories about past trips, learning from and inspiring each other to discover even more, that’s what it’s all about. Travel experts ‘Roadtrippers of The Sun‘ know all about backpacking and love to share their favorite destinations with people that share the same passion. Among other things, you’ll read about the safest destinations and where to meet other expats.

Going through landscapes like these, just you and your backpack, leaves you speechless.

Ideal destinations


If there is one destination where you can meet other social nomads, backpackers or influencers, it is without any doubt Bali. This beautiful Indonesian island is a true paradise for backpackers as it is so cheap. The wonderful nature is of course another reason that people choose this island. From Bali you can also discover many other surrounding countries in a very cheap way.


Besides Bali, Thailand is also very popular with backpackers. Not so much to meet other social nomads but because the country has so much to offer. From the pearly white beaches to the impressive mangroves. Everyone will be happy! In addition, the locals are also very helpful towards tourists. It is the ideal country for a solo traveller, also as a woman. In short, a safe and beautiful country for backpacking.


Unlike Asia, South America is a lot more expensive to travel. But that shouldn’t stop you from crossing around some countries here as well. And if you’re planning to backpack in South America, you should definitely not skip Peru! The country has everything to offer for the adventurous backpacker. You will find lots of nice hostels and other young sports enthusiasts who would love to venture into the beautiful mountains of the country with you. If you travel alone as a backpacker you will be able to make many new contacts here. Sometimes even friends for life!

Australia and New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand are still the most famous places for backpackers to go to and remain the biggest favourites for solo travellers. Here you’ll soon meet other travellers and before you know it, you’ll have a new group of friends with whom you can explore the wide world. And, not unimportantly, it’s fairly easy to get a job here as a foreigner. As far as safety is concerned in Australia, don’t let the forest fires that raged there stop you from visiting the beautiful coast lines and vibrant cities. Most of the backpackers we know in Australia or New Zealand eventually stayed there and are not planning to return home soon as they’re loving it so much! These two countries definitely leave a deep impression on you.


Another very safe country for backpacking is Canada. Here you can enjoy all the peace and quiet in the amazing nature that Canada has to offer. The National Parks are the biggest reason to travel to this country as a backpacker. You can even spot grizzly bears while camping here. Something to put on your bucket list! Canada is best visited from May to September. Then the temperatures are most pleasant and that is not unimportant if you would go camping. The rest of the year it is almost too cold.


Since short, Mexico is also one of the favorite countries of backpackers around the world. We ourselves cannot deny that this country has so much to offer and that it is also very safe to travel here alone. Tulum is one of the most popular places in Mexico and you can meet many other social nomads here. Next to that you can also enjoy the culinary delights of vegan restaurants and smoothie bowls. Yum! However the prices in Tulum are a lot higher than in the rest of Mexico, but in general it is a cheap country to travel through.

Ideal continents

Our favourite parts of the world for backpacking are Southeast Asia and South America. The other continents are almost always very expensive and sometimes unsafe to travel (alone). So always check if a country is safe and calculate your costs before you go!

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