The apps you need to download during lockdown

It looked like April was going to be a better month than March. Our gadget and multimedia expert Jef Callens had some cool jobs coming up. Some were in Austria and Germany! But due to the lockdown these are all cancelled. Therefor it’s time to check out some APPS that will save us during the time we’re at home.

I like to party. And with party I mean stay at home and have some me-time.

Dance all day on TikTok

One of the most popular apps around for the moment is the follow-up to named TIKTOK. A video based app where you can play around with their amazing filters and video-editing tools. Firstly based on submissions of people dancing, singing, and play backing, TikTok has now become a platform for a lot of different content-creators to express themselves. You can find anything there from simple cooking tutorials to a guys falling head-first into the mud (on purpose). TikTok is also the platform where you’ve seen viral challenges go live, like #fliptheswitch. Generally a fun app to cheer you up and lose a lot of time over.

A few accounts to check out: @Alex.stemp, @Polianskii (the mud guy), @Averagerob and @JustMaiko. For the challenges you can check out #fliptheswitch, #simbachallenge and #candyshop. Enjoy!

Create a Houseparty

This is the app where it’s all hip and happening these days… The living room of the internet it’s called now instead of going out for a drink. Houseparty is an app that lets you connect face to face with all your friends to talk and play games. And as you would in other house parties, here you can talk with an other group of friends just by switching between group chats as you would rooms. You can play games with each other like Pictionary and several quizes. And if you have a friend that’s not online (yet), you can send him a face mail message, a kind of video voice-mail.

Apart from being available on mobile devices, houseparty also has a chrome-app so you can use it on a computer as well. Try it out of you miss your family or friends and create your own party!

Swipe away on Tinder

Everybody has certainly heard of the dating app Tinder where you can swipe on deciding if you like a certain persons profile picture. Once you’re a match you are able to chat with them.

The well known app has now broadened its horizons during the corona crisis. As it normally only lets you talk to people in you neighborhood (through geolocation). But for now it offers the option passport for free, which makes it able to connect with people from all over the world!

Meeting up is not allowed these day but who knows you will meet your Prince Charming or princess during the lockdown. Plan that date for later and enjoy the talks!

Find your inner peace

One of the most important things during this lockdown is without a doubt staying calm and finding your inner peace to get through it without feeling too lonely or in a bad mood.

Calm is an app that might help you with that. The app has series of meditation, mindfulness sessions and exercises to help you to feel better. You, your body and your mind.

Allow yourself to fall into the calm mindset the audioscapes lay before you and come to that state of complete relaxation. If you are curious to explore, there are a lot of different kinds of options to choose from. And to start you off, you get a 7 day free trial!

Louvre Museum visitor guide

If you crave culture like I do, in a time where travel is essentially a no-go, you can explore art through your smartphone. 

Instead of a physical visit to the Louvre, download the official Louver museum app and make the journey digitally on your smartdevice. Discover thousands of masterpieces and learn about their history as a way to enrich your self-isolation and inspire future travels. 

Other museums, like the Uffizi Gallery – Florence, have apps you can check out as well. Unfortunately, these are not always for free.

This article has been written in collaboration with @JEF.CALLENS

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