The 9 best songs for a work out


As you all know by now, these are hard times for everybody but on the other hand it’s the perfect time to work on your summer body! The first step is hard, but Nasrien will make it easy and give you the 9 best songs for a work out to get that extra dash of encouragement. Let’s pimp that playlist! 

Don’t be afraid of the fail.
Be afraid of not trying it.

Morning run: Burn – Ellie Goulding 

The title covers it all! We have to burn those calories. This is the perfect song for your morning run and to get your day going.

Aerobic: Call On Me – Eric Prydz

Just search for it on YouTube and there is your workout! The music video is an aerobic workout and if you see the girls who make it happen in the video, that should give you an extra boost to go and get that extra mile. 

Bike Ride: Everlong – Foo Fighters

I love to ride my bike when the sun is shining on my face. The perfect song for an intensive bike ride is an uplifting, hardrock song to keep those legs going. This song will do the trick. 

Jump rope: I Love it – Icona Pop 

No better way to burn some excess calories than to take out your jump rope from under the dust. This song is heavy to jump on, but if you finish the 3 minutes up until the end, you will feel exhausted as hell. 

Functional Training: Physical – Dua Lipa

I’m a huge Dua Lipa-fan. Her brand new song is ‘Physical’ and to help everybody out she made a brand new videoclip version: a functional training! Just follow her sexy moves and you will be in shape in no time, pinky promise!

Boxing: Gonna Fly Now – Theme song Rocky 

No better song to do a boxing workout than guided by the theme song of THE boxing movie of all time: Gonna Fly Now from as you all know Rocky. You can switch between a jab, a cross, a hook and an uppercut. You will be happy you added this to your list of songs for a work out!

Push ups, squads, plank and/or crunches: Flower – Moby 

At Blogzine we love a good challenge. When you hear the song, it sounds like ‘Bring Sally Up’. Actually it’s: Green Sally Up, but forget about that for this brief moment. This song is perfect to train your most important muscle groups. When Moby sings ‘Bring Sally Up’, you push up, stand up to go down for a squad later, put your hand on the ground instead of your elbows in a plank or go into a crunch. When he sings ‘Bring Sally Down’, do the opposite. Trust me: it’s hard but possible if you do the exercise on your level.

Skewering:  Lose yourself – Eminem

This is the perfect song for your sprint while speed skating. Eminem will keep your heart rate up and will help you burn the calories you gained during the last couple of days while bingewatching! 


In these hard times it’s so important to keep your endorfines going. Just dance! Whenever, wherever on whatever song. Choose your favorite dance-track and let yourself go. For me ‘I Gotta Feeling’ from the Black Eyed Peas will do the trick. 

Be safe and train your ass off!

If you have your own favourite song. Let us know so we can add it to our list of perfect songs for a work out.

This post has been written by @NASRIENCNOPS

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