The 5 ultimate resolutions for 2021


What are you going to change in 2021? Every start of the new year we have a list of new year’s resolutions. Or at least, 80% of us have such a list. Unfortunately, 90% of them are unable to keep their promises and quickly get back to their old routine. But, if there is one thing 2020 has taught us, it is that the ‘old normal’ is not coming back. So why don’t we set goals we will achieve in the year to come? 

How are you going to succeed in 2021 in keeping up your good intentions? Start by pursuing these 5 realistic and achievable goals:

1. Give a little more attention to yourself

Every morning, when you wake up, instead of having that long to-do list haunting through your head, you lie down for a while and think of yourself. What would you like to do for yourself today? Write it down in a notebook that you put next to your bed and make sure that when you go back to bed in the evening, you can proudly tick off this wish before bedtime.

2. Treat yourself to a gift

Not everyone has the same financial possibilities and it’s not always easy to put money aside. Still, it is important to save for yourself, no matter how small the amount. What have you been dreaming about for so long, but always put aside because you didn’t have the money? Think about this and make a financial roadmap for yourself so you can treat yourself to this gift by Christmas 2021.

3. Look into my eyes

In the year 2021 shaking hands, let alone cuddling and kissing when greeting someone, is totally out of the question. However, physical contact is crucial in all your relationships. Eye contact will therefore be our secret weapon this new year. Eyes are the mirrors of our soul. The way to find out what another person really thinks about you is to read eye contact. A non-verbal reaction says a lot more about what is thought and felt than the words that are spoken in the meantime. So from now on, look the other person straight and sincerely in the eye.

4. F*** you

Dare to say no. Only when you dare to say no, you experience yourself as someone with own feelings and own will. Saying no forces respect. By saying no more often, yes becomes a more powerful word you will really enjoy. It’s only then you will do things again in complete freedom that you can enjoy 100%.

5. The 1…2…3… rule

Stand up for yourself, you owe it to yourself! Sometimes there are a thousand and one reasons why we don’t say what we think or feel. But it doesn’t really make you happier or better. Promise yourself that from now on you will stand up for yourself. After all, you, and no one else, are the most important person in your life. If certain events or statements torture you, but you don’t dare to express it right away, count to 3. After 3, you let go of everything, forget all discomforts and speak up! Tell openly and honestly what you think and feel.

This article has been written by Ellen Van den branden for Time2Reconnect

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