The 5 most funny gadgets to start the year with


We all have gadgets in our homes that we received as a present or bought ourselves because these goodies make us smile for a moment when we look at them. And you can’t escape it, because every time you look for a nice gift, you stumble upon these must haves. So that’s why we selected our favorites to start the year with.

1. A mug for the dog lovers

At Blogzine, we are a huge fan of animals and if we had the opportunity, we would have a dog running around our office. So we’re sure there are dog lovers among our readers too who will absolutely love this bag. Or maybe you know someone who thinks their dog is absolutely the world?

Typo mug with work hard slogan, €6,99

Credits: Asos

2. Write it all down

Even though everything happens digitally these days, even while teleworking we sometimes need to be able to write down our inspiration. Very oldschool and while you’re on the phone you can start scribbling on a page again. For example, my notebook was once full of hearts. You can guess who I was on the phone with….

Typo A5 notepad with slogan, €6,99

Credits: Asos

3. Fill this up with tea, please

There is no debate: whether you like tea or coffee, everyone has a nice mug that they bring out at every break. This one already gives a clear message though: please fill this up with tea!

Typo large mug with slogan, €9,99

Credits: Asos

4. Bring the booze or let me snooze

Just because we still can’t go to festivals at the moment or that the clubs are still closed, doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a glass of wine or a cocktail on the weekend. So have you had a drink and do you like to be left alone the morning after? Let your roommates know with this eye mask!

Typo eye mask with slogan, €8,49

Credits: Asos

5. It’s a true addiction, right?

The dilemma: chicken wings, chicken nuggets or chicken strips? With a delicious barbecue sauce, you can give them all to me! And then I’ll end the evening with a delicious cup of tea with an appropriate slogan. Do we have a deal?

Typo chicken nugget lover mug, €6,99

Credits: Asos

What gadget has made you smile? We’ll be sharing more fun must haves with you soon! And if you come across one of your own, you’re always welcome to share it with us in the comments.

This article has been written by @CINDY VAN DYCK

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