The 5 most fashionable rain boot trends for kids


Do you still think that rain boots are not hip or fashionable? Then you can be sure that they are hot this winter. We were looking for rain boots for kids based on the fashion trends this winter. Seen on the catwalk and now also found for our youngest.

When life gives you a rainy day, play in the puddles. 

We can’t get away from it, autumn is very clear in the country. My daughter came home this week with dirty, muddy shoes and I knew immediately; it is the time of the year to buy new rain boots. 

Rain boots have all the preconceptions not to be hip or fashionable. That’s why I went looking for winter trends for adults that were shown at famous fashion shows. Then I searched the internet for similar models for my child. And see the result here. From rain boots with a platform sole, to buckles, the top five can be found in this article. 

#1. Boots with buckle

These boots are not only cool but ok stylish. This winter they are not only found on catwalks for adults, but also in the offer for children.

#2. The platform boot

Who says rain boots can’t be fashionable? In the fashion world for adults, designers like Prada and Dries Van Noten are total fans of platform boots. They are ideal to combine under a dress and jeans. And we also find some nice models for kids.

#3. The sneaker boot 

Can’t choose between a cool sneaker or a boot? This innovative combination is the ideal solution. To be honest, this model looks a bit strange at first, but this winter they’re going to be a real hype.

Sarenza Pop yellow and grey, €15,-

#4. The classic high rain boot

This classic and stylish model is a must-have item for your child’s shoe collection. It is suitable for the slightly neater holidays through the winter.

#5. The boot with laces 

Okay, admit it, kids and laces it’s not always the ideal combo. But this outfit maker is really worth it. Big designers like Prada and Dior think the same about it in the fashion world for adults and also for the kids we see this model coming up.

All these models can be found on Sarenza. Are you excited by the items above? Don’t hesitate and subscribe to the newsletter, you’ll get a €20 discount as a welcome gift.

This article has been written by Stephanie De Vroe from @SMOTHERHOODS

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