The 3 most important daily activities for a succesful future


It is time for action. Ellen Van den Branden her new book, is all about that. Because it is only by taking action that you actually move forward. Here are the 3 most important activities you need to be doing daily. 

It’s kind of fun to do the impossible

Anything is possible, as long as you really believe in it yourself. Only if you sincerely believe that you can change your life, your situation, you will be able to do so. But you must be believe in it 100%, so that nothing or no one can push you off track. 

And, again, it is up to you to take the necessary action. Believing is one thing, implementing is another. So, how can you make the impossible become possible? Indeed, by repeating your actions over and over again, so that you make them your own and become a master of them!

Let me briefly summarize what 3 actions you need to do daily:


You write down on paper what your dream life looks like. Do not let prejudice, possible judgments of others, … let you off your path. It’s about your life and your actions, where everything is possible. 


Have a firm belief that you will live your dream life. Believe 100% in yourself. Start looking for habits that keep you from having your dream life until today. Work those habits away as quickly as possible. Step by step, day by day.  


You take all the necessary steps (actions) needed to achieve your dream life. And you don’t let anything or anyone stop you. NEVER!

How exactly will you do that?

By setting clear goals and taking step by step actions to achieve those goals. Visualize it as follows: you get into your car and you want to drive to a – until then – unknown destination. What do you do? You set your GPS to the correct destination. The GPS calculates the route and will show you the way to that destination, but who is driving the car? Who will ultimately make sure you get to your destination? You! It’s you who drives the car! 

Well, from now on consider your subconscious as your GPS which you set to the destination you wish to reach. But remember, you are the one who is stepping on the gas and steering the wheel. You are the one giving direction. Imagine if your GPS said “turn left here” and you turned right. Would you then get to the destination you have set in your GPS? … No! So you see what I mean!

What’s next?

Starting today, I want you to keep a daily journal. Write daily in this every time before you go to sleep. What do you keep in this daily?

– Write down the date each day and how you feel at that time.

– Think about the goals you accomplished that day and write them down. 

– Write down what lessons you learned that day. 

– Note the things you accomplished that day. 

And most importantly, in capital letters and underlined in marker: you write down what you are grateful for that day.

Good luck!

You can find this and much more in my book. Interested? Click here for more information.

Greetings, Ellen

This article has been written by Ellen Van den branden for Time2Reconnect

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