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Credits: Angelo Vero

Did you know that 27% of the Belgian population suffers from chronic pain? Medication is not always the right solution, but the PainGone Qalm and Aegis are. Our editor Angelo suffers from migraine so he was more than happy to test and review.

These days we sit at home a lot, work for hours at the computer and due to lack of movement we can sometimes suffer from muscle aches and/or migraines. Incorrect movements and posture can also lead to this. But luckily there are tools that can help you reduce pressure and relieve stress.

Paingone Qalm

Paingone Qalm remedies your migraine symptoms in a natural way. It does this by electrostimulation of the trigeminal nerve. By stimulating it once a day, for about 20 minutes, you prevent painful migraine attacks. And thanks to its lightweight packaging, without wires, you can easily take it anywhere!

Review Angelo: I tried the Qalm on days I felt my migraine would be a big inconvience. Like when I had meetings and I needed to take the train. The 60 minute relieve program was just enough to help reduce the pressure by the time I arrived at my destination. After I could continue my day carefree. 

Credits: Angelo Vero

Paingone Aegis

Paingone Aegis combats all muscle and joint pain. Again, the device works through electrostimulation therapy (TENS) to relieve pain and sends out electrical impulses that stimulate the brain to produce endorphins. Endorphins are painkillers that the human body naturally secretes.

Review Angelo: The Paingone Aegis was amazing to get rid of back pains after a long day of working behind my desk. Because sometimes I spent a lot of time behind the computer and I’m not always aware of how I’m sitting, I get a lot of back pain at the end of the day. The Aegis tool came in handy to help me in the evening so I could start exercising.

Credits: Angelo Vero

Paingone Pen

The Paingone Aegis is available as gel pads, which you can apply to the painful area or as a pen. This one has the advantage that by applying acupuncture stimulation to the area of pain, you work on the pain instantaneously and locally.  Because of its compact size, you can also easily take this device with you on the road!

Review Angelo: The Paingone Pen was the first thing I tried when I received the products because I had a spot on my shoulders where I could feel pain. I tried the 30 seconds technique and could feel the pain go away. The pen hasn’t left my sight ever since. I use it 3-4 times a day when necessary. 

Although migraines and back pains won’t dissappear with further examination or help the Paingone tools are very useful to help reduce pain. It is a nice addition in the process of pressure and stress relieve, so we recommend.

This article has been written by ANGELO VERO in collaboration with Paingone

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